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Hello new life - teaching aquanatal yoga

My Name is Jan Phelps the owner of Aqua4baby.  Ten years ago, my life was about to change for the second time, when pregnant with my second daughter. I attended Aquanatal classes in Chelmsford then run by a midwife called Chris Johnston and lady called Sue Bradley. Chris and Sue were ready to change their life paths and looking for someone to take over and run the classes.

I enjoyed the classes so much that I did not want to lose the Aquanatal classes for the future of Chelmsford Pregnant ladies. Chris Johnston approached me and a friend and for a year we trained and did the Birthlight Aqua Yoga course. The course is very inspiring and gave lots of grounding and ideas for the classes I wished to run. For a year, I ran my classes alongside Michelle McGeorge who now runs Wickford classes closer to her home.

The Birthlight Aqua yoga course was a great opportunity to run my own business and as well as fitting in with my family lifestyle, gave me what I craved, meeting new people, helping people through a wonderful moment in their lives and empowering pregnant ladies through the physics and emotional moments of their pregnancy.

The classes that I teach enabling women to get to know their bodies, feel and recognise baby before birth, bonding in a way daily life does not give and the best part enabling women to talk to each other, through fears, anxieties and letting their emotions out with negative comments or the fear of being judged and best bit all done in the water away from gravity. Giving the pregnant ladies to feel the power of their bodies and the freedom of the weightless the water gives.

The Aquanatal yoga classes, I love teaching as it encompasses yoga techniques, balance and strength through the flow of the water with a weightless relaxation which helps mind and body prepare for birth through the gentle movements in water.

Jan Phelps
Aqua Yoga and Baby Swimming Teacher

If you'd like to train as a Birthlight Aquanatal Yoga teacher, our next Level 1 courses are:


Baby Yoga

Aqua Yoga Level 1
25-27 October 2017
Venue: Cambridge, UK

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Baby Yoga

Aqua Yoga Level 1
12-14 February 2018
Venue: Lewes, UK

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Baby Yoga

Aqua Yoga Level 1
19-21 February 2018
Venue: Singapore

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