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Innovative 'Circle Time Yoga' programme

Nora Walsh shares some fantastic news of her recent award...

As a childcare provider I am a member of the Early Childhood Ireland association and last month we at NCR Childcare won the 2013 Innovation Award in Programme Design for the introduction of 'Circle Time Yoga' i.e. Kids Yoga and Parent and Child Yoga into my Childcare Setting. In my submission, in order not to make the introduction of yoga daunting in any way for other childcare providers who wish to introduce it into their settings I used the approach of integrating ancient yoga with traditional circle time hence the name 'Circle Time Yoga'. Circle time is a very important part of preschool life and that combined with yoga is in my opinion a winning formula to get everyone off to a great start each day. See summary below and further details and photos are available on Since I started in Childcare over 6 years ago, I had always been looking for that special something I could do with the children and I knew I had found it when I found Rainbow Kids Yoga & Birthlight. I hope through the use of forums such as 'Innovation Awards'  and newsletters such as this, that I can help spread the word about YOGA – baby, children and family yoga in crèches/preschool and schools in particular, in Ireland & the UK. May it also further herald the wonderful work Rainbow Kids Yoga and Birthlight are doing around the world.

The synergy between the different parts of the course I attended in Vietnam to gain my Yoga Alliance UK Certification in 2012 i.e. Birthlight, Sun/Moon Partner Yoga & Rainbow Kids, Family & Community Yoga is what makes this 200hr course unique. Birthlight is an integral component providing a holistic approach and in essence follows life's natural progression from fertility and wise women yoga to prenatal, postnatal to baby yoga, kids and family yoga extending out to the wider community. A very special thanks to Francoise Freedman at Birthlight for your wonderful patient practical guidance and instruction and your enlightened wisdom throughout. If I hadn't completed the Birthlight/Rainbow Kids Yoga course, I wouldn't be holding this award and I would not be doing this amazing stimulating yoga practice with children and their parents and more importantly I wouldn't witness first hand every day the magical bonds that form as a result between a child and his/her parents.  I wish to acknowledge Birthlight and commend you all on the wonderful work you are doing.

As a childcare provider I am interested in every aspect of the child and thus see prenatal, post natal and mother & baby yoga as a natural progression of our role as childcare practitioners. I too wish to promote yoga based communication through touch and movement not only because of its obvious benefits to the mother but it's positive effects on the wellbeing, physical and mental development of the child, the foundations of which can be laid even before the baby is in the womb. I too would like to see these practices part of Early Years Education.

Nora Walsh