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Invaluable coursework experience

invaluable Birthlight coursework - support circle

Whilst coursework may seem a bit daunting at first we hear time and again how invaluable and worthwhile it is, both from the experience itself and the feedback provided by the tutor.

"Whohoo…finished my six group classes (my mentor could not come for the fifth one so had had to do one more…). I am so happy to have done all this writing down of lesson plans and especially the reflecting afterwards helped a lot. I am especially happy that my mentor just LOVED the class and gave me some really positive and in-depth feedback. That makes me think that I am on the right way…:) Yes it has been a lot of work, especially for me doing that all in a foreign language, but it helped A LOT!!! Hope you’re having similar experiences and looking forward to sharing them.”  Baby yoga teacher

“It is interesting now to see my progression as I read back through my class plans and notes with the addition of your comments. It brings home how much difference the experience of teaching makes really quite quickly, and, of course, how much there is still to learn – both from experience and further study. The coursework, with the teaching of a series of pregnancy yoga classes as well as time spent researching and pondering my lengthy answers to the written questions, was time-consuming but it really was invaluable to me, and Francoise’s feedback made it even more precious in giving this course real depth and making me feel confident and ready to teach pregnant women." Perinatal yoga teacher

You're not on your own, we provide support via course and subject area facebook groups as well as tutor support. Birthlight training resources, which include videos, coursework forms and promotional materials are available at

With the teacher's permission we've got a few resouces that we'd like to share:

Evidence-based approach to skin-to-skin contact: current state of the art

Irina Maksimova, Birthlight Baby Yoga Teacher (June 2019)

Russian baby yoga songs and videos (available to Members only in the Birthlight Training Resources website)

Olga Pecherova, Birthlight Baby Yoga Teacher (July 2019)

birthlight training resources baby yoga songs