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Judy Kou - my journey

Who would have thought that I would come this far and become this inspired by Birthlight?!  When I first contacted Birthlight in 2006, it was just a mother’s desperate wish to find a suitable swimming program that could hopefully help my son’s asthma.  Then through the spiral of joy, I got wheeled in, one inch by one inch…

I will be forever grateful for Birthlight’s response to the calls of two naive mothers wanting something good for their firstborn, which resulted in opening a brand new world for me.  I will never forget that first class in child development, when my eyes got darker and darker, and my face got more and more crumbled, as Shawn and Liz talked about all the physical and emotional developmental theories.  Then suddenly, Shawn looked at me straight in the eyes and said, “Judy, stop it, you’ve done the best that you can as a mommy.”  And my tears just poured out, as my mind screamed “oh, no, I’ve screwed up my baby!!”

You see, I was raised in the States, so I followed the US practice on “how to raise an independent child,” i.e., through sleeping in separate rooms, not picking up when the baby cries, train the child to follow a rigid feeding and sleeping schedule…etc.  Nonetheless, every step along the way, it was so against my maternity instinct, so against what my heart wanted to, and I thus had a horrible case of postnatal depression.  It was only then, at that moment, I was told that I can listen to my baby, listen to my heart, and that I would not become an irresponsible mommy for spoiling my baby!

Since then, I have been on a crusade.  I want to alleviate the guilt that all mommies feel one time or another, I want to show them positive ways to interact with their baby and create that secure bonding and attachment, I want them to feel being loved and mothered themselves as they struggle to give every once of themselves to their baby.  Through the many baby yoga and baby swimming classes, I am proud to say that I have passed on that initial inspiration from Liz and Shawn, and that a number of my mommies ended up becoming Birthlight teachers.

In this journey of becoming a Birthlight baby swimming tutor, I have been so fortunate that, despite being so far away from UK geographically, I have had the opportunity to learn from every current and ex-Birthlight baby swimming tutors in the past 10 years!  I cannot thank you all enough for all the passion and knowledge that you so unselfishly share.  I am so proud to join the team in spreading the Brithlight spiral of joy…

Judy Kou
Birthlight tutor baby swimming