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Launch of Water Parenting DVD – 2017 release

Birthlight Water Parenting™ stands out amongst all other methods of Baby Swimming worldwide, with gentle interactive techniques that are fully enjoyable for babies and parents together but also get results and lead toddlers progressively to independent swimming.

We focus on water body balance between parents and babies while developing effortless buoyancy with our unique repertoire of relaxed holds in water.
We champion baby led submersion as the best foundation for joyful dives and the discovery of each child’s preferred way of surfacing to breathe when ready. Like otters, seals and other water mammals, we introduce babies to the rhythms of swimming movements by swimming with them as they ride on our fronts or backs, using swimming aids if parents are not water confident.

Most of all, Birthlight Water Parenting is based on respect and acceptance of each baby and of each parent-baby pair in a growing relationship that sets foundations for life. Our method promotes the pleasure and benefits of moving in water with playful and effortless skills inspired by cutting edge research about infant development and the properties of water. Birthlight Water Parenting™ is a celebration of our close human affinity with water, in our bodies and on our blue planet.

This 2017 new release of our Water Parenting DVD is a step-by-step film illustrating the joy of swimming and water from newborns to toddlers.

This video presents a complete set of interactive playful aquatic practices for parents to support their babies all the way to independent swimming. Birthlight Water Parenting is a gentle method, original in promoting loving communication and mutual enjoyment of being in water but also strong technical foundations for swimming adapted to infant development.

Nine chapters including an introduction feature step by step progressions ranging from ‘relaxed holds and rhythms’ (from birth), ‘dynamic moves’ and ‘baby-led submersion’ to ‘transitions to swimming’ (years 2-3), family games and resources for special little ones. Any starting point is possible up to 36 months.

Water helps parents learn from their babies and nurture shared confidence early in life.

This video is designed as a resource for parents with babies/toddlers and for baby swimming instructors.

Available for download or stream on demand from vimeo: £14.95

Duration: 1 hour 26 minutes

Introduction to Water Parenting from Birthlight on Vimeo.