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Mandy Adams - Love Baby Yoga

Mandy Adams, a Birthlight qualified Baby Yoga and Perinatal Yoga teacher and owner of  Love Baby Yoga, shares her plans to establish a centre in Cornwall 'The Family Tree'

During my maternity leave I won a place on the Cornwall School for Social Entrepeneurs (SSE) and after the year long programme I have recently graduated. I gave a speech at the graduation about my plans to develop 'Love Baby Yoga' to a greater capacity enabling me to reach more families than I am currently able.

My idea is to eventually open my own premises with a yoga studio offering a wide variety of family yoga from conceptual to adolescence, with adjoining wholefood family cafe offering regular talks on parenting and education, and an additional independent midwife and doula led birthing centre where expectant mothers will be able to stay and be cared for after the birth of their babies. The centre will be called 'The Family Tree'.

During the program I have planned to take the necessary steps over the coming years to attract the finance necessary to establish 'The Family Tree' centre. I have forged links with Independent Midwives, Doulas and other local independent support for pregnant and post-natal women who now hold regular talks at my classes and will become the steering group for the project.

During the SSE program I applied for funding to set up several social enterprises to support my Love Baby Yoga mums, starting with 'Mother Know's Best Bags'. I’m very excited to say that two weeks ago I received a call to congratulate me on becoming an UnLtd award winner and the Islington based social entrepreneur support will work with me over the coming year to produce my first 1000 bags.??

My 'Mother Know's Best Bags' – will be locally sourced maternity packs supporting new mothers in finding recommended mother and baby products and services. Included within each bag will be flyers, samples, money off coupons, and special introductory offers in collaboration with ethically driven companies and individuals. Everything included will be recommended by myself and the mums from my classes, with tried and tested results from current mothers. By Mums for Mums.??

In my own experience it takes a very long time to resource information as a new mother about local independent pre and post-natal services, support networks and products. The ‘Bounty Pack’ is supposed to offer this support, however it has long become a commercially driven national advertising forum focusing solely on marketing big brand products (such as coca-cola – I honestly couldn’t believe that I got a caffeine free can of coke in mine this time!!!).??

I really feel that if a woman feels connected to and supported by her community as she becomes a mother then she will parent her children in an altogether more positive way. Surely leading to a more fulfilling and rewarding start to any child’s life and sending a ripple effect throughout our Cornish community that we value the vitally important work that all mothers do.