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Moscow report - Amazing Francoise

In June Francoise Freedman visited Moscow with various trainings and seminars. People had the opportunity to see Francoise working in different areas (water, yoga and shaman practices), gain new and very fresh ideas, obtain deep knowledge from the founder of Birthlight, and just talk and spend time with a wonderful woman, teacher and friend. We had an international team of students this time: Iran, Greece, Cyprus, Bali, Bielorussia, Ukraine & Russia. People travelled to Moscow especially to meet beloved Francoise. It was an honour for us to meet all these lovely people, from different countries but united by something special.

Aquatherapy - New

Last year we launched Aquatherapy training and this year we suggested to people continuation, as it was a success. Francoise wrote a manual, created a Program for people who can continue training and obtain an international diploma with the Aquatherapy Association. Thus training in water, Birthlight now covers not only pregnant women, but can be applied to everyone.  It was a very intense and practical training. It was a great success, thus next year we wait its continuation.

Well Woman - Part 2

Instructors waited for this part with great interest, all of them had experience and needed answers to their questions, needed new knowledge they can share with women. For me this training is always special and magical as really instructors of women yoga are doing miracles, they cure women and they help. And Francoise feeling and knowing the group not only meet their expectations as instructors, but help women to solve their problems, find answers on the questions regarding their health as women. A very ‘womanish’ training in a warm and nice atmosphere.

Postnatal Yoga - Beloved training (5th time since 2012)

Beloved training of Francoise Freedman, beloved training of our birthlight community. The care of mums is an essential part of the birthlight system. There are so many schools promoting how to help mums after birth, but many of the schools give misleading knowledge, omit very important things about mums as women etc. Postnatal training gives full answers on the questions regarding mums’ health after birth. Training is intense, with lots of theory and practice. The most touching moment of the training are practical sessions with visiting mums (and babies). It is a very beautiful process of how Francoise and instructors work caring about new mums.

Baby Yoga Level 3 – New

This level was held in Moscow for the first time! The group was full with instructors who already finished part 1 & part 2. We promised to suggest this training next year as all the tickets were sold out very quickly. Thus what is Level 3 - it deepens the knowledge of Baby Yoga teachers about the integrated use of all senses (synaesthesia) in parent-infant interaction from birth and to provide further resources, both theoretical and practical, for teaching Baby Yoga.  At Level 3 we integrate scientific research that supports and enriches our Baby Yoga practices for enhancing babies’ development and loving communication between parents and babies. A very interesting day. So many new thing for people to think over and start implementing in life. (Baby yoga is developing very quickly now, and baby yoga teachers are very hungry for new knowledge. And already asked what is next – Level 4?)



Self-nurture with Shaman Yoga - New

A magical, a fantastic, a totally new Practice. About 35 people (women and men) gathered in a special area for new practices with Francoise. We know Francoise as a yogini anthropologist around birth. As a leading innovator in the evolution of gentle flow yoga for women and families, on land and in water, she is passionate about bringing together science and practices of well being. Thus people had a rare chance to attend a transformative workshop integrating yoga and body – minded practices (shaman practices) learned and tested personally by Francoise in the course of her life. During the practices participants tries to awaken and reconnect with the energy of Nurture in our lives through simple and safe heart- centered “tensegrity” practices, yoga flow sequences that decompose Asanas into fluid waves of micro-movements, as well as through mudras, sound explorations, focused meditations. Fantastic day, very emotional, and unforgettable
experience. Of course the participants were so excited, and already now wait continuation.

Visits of Francoise Freedman in Moscow are always special, very welcomed and warm. This time was as warm as always, as rich in practices as always and besides her busy days Francoise had chance to meet old friends, close people in the evenings, answer on personal questions of people who came to see her especially.

I personally always wonder where she gets all this energy to cope with everything, and to look as fresh and beautiful as she always does. Take care, dear Francoise, and see you soon here. Give our greetings to the Iakwash people of the Peruvian Amazon, the community who once welcome you and is always eager to see you again and again) in the name of birthlight people in Russia.

Anna, organizer of Birthlight trainings in Russia, at Brightfamily centre, Moscow