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Motherhood yoga returns to Japan

Motherhood yoga has returned for the third time to Japan, this time to Hiroshima and a follow up course in the Forest of Creation – Fukui. Hosted by the wonderful team of Rumi and her husband Katsu and our lovely translator Tiemi, Katey and I felt the now familiar warmth of the Japanese and their unique culture. It was a privilege to visit the site and museum of the dropping of the A bomb, such a moving experience which left us in quiet contemplation sitting in the gardens which now commemorate all the people who were and still are affected by the devastation that occurred in August 1945.

With a renewed desire to change the world and support all families we emotionally began the motherhood journey with our new students and many babies. Moving through an introduction to birthlight pregnancy, birth, postnatal and baby yoga was as ever emotional, eye opening and lots of fun too. We had morning yoga, birthlight theory and practices and practical teaching sessions with a sprinkling of Thai massage to help reinforce the importance of self-nurture as well as caring for others.

After a long but beautiful drive through the mountains we arrived in Fukui to reconnect with former motherhood students, several had trained with us in Okinawa last year. What a Joy to see everyone again, share stories and experiences and to meet some new babies! This was their opportunity to delve deeper for themselves or to move towards being qualified birthlight teachers. This course also included yoga for breastfeeding which as extremely well received. It was so encouraging to hear that most women in japan do breastfeed their babies and there is ongoing support for them.

We had tears and laughter and I can honestly say it was an experience I will never forget. Thank you everyone and here’s to the future. I will leave you with some photos and quotes from the students, please do pass the information on to anyone who might be interested in attending or organising Motherhood Yoga (Birthlight on tour) Please find all details

We are planning more courses, please do express your interest.

My best wishes Sally