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My birthlight journey - Luz Dary

My Birthlight journey started after my second pregnancy, when I felt that the support and guidance into motherhood were somewhat lacking. I researched many organisations, and at that time some of them focused either only on the emotional aspect or either only on the physical aspect. There were only a few who brought these aspects together emotions, mind and body.

The reason that Birthlight caught my attention was due to their holistic approach to pregnancy. I always felt that, to me, yoga was always about the mind-body and emotional connection, never only the focus on the physical part of yoga. Birthlight offered the emotional support and guidance with the understanding of the mind-body connection in their yoga classes. Finally, an organisation that understood that we need to nourish the mother AND the baby, that we need to come with well researched knowledge combining this with innate wisdom and the need to work together with the health professionals at the doctor offices and hospitals. And so, I started to do the prenatal / postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Birthlight, to help those women who were looking for a well round approach to their pregnancies. With my third pregnancy I also started to follow Birthlight yoga classes and I applied their knowledge into my daily practice. Their prenatal classes left an imprint on me, as they were organised in such a way that the focus was on increasing fun and relaxation while working on the body in an efficient manner.  Another great advantage of Birthlight is the integration of the breath during their yoga classes while working on all other aspects on pregnancy. I had done yoga and pregnancy yoga during my first and second pregnancy at home as a home practice, and also had taken other yoga pregnancy courses and classes with other organisations, but Birthlight was the only organisation that made going to their yoga classes fun. I was happy to receive my prenatal and postnatal Birthlight certification and even more exciting to start teaching in their specific approach in 2008.

When I moved to China in 2011, I started teaching Birthlight prenatal and postnatal to Chinese pregnant women and expats, they all loved the classes. You can imagine my enthusiasm when I got the opportunity to become a Birthlight tutor under the skilful eye of Jane Collins, while living in China. Recently, I moved back to Holland and now working on setting up my Birthlight pregnancy yoga classes in my hometown. It has been quite a journey, an adventure of patience and perseverance. And as with every journey, we enjoy the people that come along the way and dream about our destinations, let’s see where I am off to next.

Much Love,

Perinatal Yoga Birthlight Tutor