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My birthlight journey, returning to Brazil

About four years ago my Birthlight journey started. My beginning was a little bit different than most of other Birthlight members. At that time I had just moved to England - I had some admin experience but barely spoke English.  I started as a volunteer at the Birthlight office and I was warmly welcomed by Sylvie, Valerie, Françoise and Sally. It is tricky to find words to describe how much my life has changed ever since. Birthlight has given me independence, confidence, professional satisfaction, true friendship, support and much more.

After completing my Business Degree, I thought it was time to ‘jump’ to the other side of Birthlight - one that I was already interested and curious about. It was December 2015 when I took my first course and it felt like a plunge into something unknown yet extraordinary. My Baby Yoga level 1 course was a great way to start this completely new experience. The wonderful tutor Marion made me feel like I could do just about anything. From there I had the pleasure and luck to attend the Baby Yoga level 2 with the wonderful Sally; Toddler Yoga with the amazing Emma; Nurturing Baby Massage with the incredible Bryony; and I had the fantastic Françoise as my mentor. Seriously, there is no exaggeration in the use of all these adjectives. It was truly amazing!

I cannot thank Sylvie and Valerie enough for everything they have done for me, the opportunity to learn and to share so many lunch times. Together with Helen, Jeff, Lucia, Sally, Françoise and all Birthlight tutors, you will be forever in my heart.

Last month, almost four years and four conferences* later, the time has come for me to return to Brazil. The end of an era. The beginning of new adventures and discoveries. The time to bag all my Birthlight knowledge and spread the spiral of love over here. Next month I will start teaching Birthlight Baby Yoga classes in my hometown - Porto Alegre - at Casa do Yogin (Yogin house). I have also started my Baby Massage classes with a dear friend from my childhood. It was the two of us, her baby daughter, the birds and sometimes the howler monkeys on the Araucaria trees beside her house. It is a new beginning and I am very excited to see what life will bring me next.

For my office peers, I will miss you deeply. I am glad to keep working with you even if it is a few miles away (about 6,413 miles), on the other side of the pond. Hopefully, I will see some of you soon, when we organise Birthlight courses in Brazil. I am truly grateful for having had the opportunity to meet and work with you all. Thank you!


Hugs from Brazil!
Abraços do Brasil!

Renata Könitz

*Birthlight Womb to World conferences and Birthlight Light in Water conference.

A goodbye and a welcome!  
Over the last 4 years, Renata has worked with Valerie and I in the office in Cambridge. We have enjoyed working with her and, above all, we have enjoyed seeing her own personal journey within birthlight!

Who would have guessed that, from starting as a volunteer to improve her English, she would fully embrace the birthlight approach and train as a teacher?
I am pleased that, from Brazil, she can still be a part of our admin team, looking after our members and checking the completion of the coursework.  I cannot wait to see her results in developing not only her classes but birthlight in general in her home country. All the best Renata!
Please join me in welcoming Katherine as a new addition to our office team.

Whilst Valerie is helping the students to start their birthlight journey and to book on the courses, Katherine is processing the course returns and making sure that they have all the information needed after the course to qualify as birthlight teacher. 
It is a real delight for me to work with such a nice and efficient team!

Firstly I would like to say how much Renata is missed here, with her dedication, warmth and sweet presence. I had the pleasure of being in the class that Renata taught as part of her baby yoga training – in a venue that had a special meaning for me, as my daughter Rosie was born there. She brought all her qualities to the creation of a wonderful atmosphere where we learnt not only new movements to support our baby’s development and our communication with them, but felt truly nourished ourselves.  It was so successful Renata had trouble getting us to leave after the first class! She perfectly embodied the essence of Birthlight: care and nurture for parent and baby with innovative practices grounded in rigorous knowledge, developed through continual study and delivered with lightness and joy. Parabéns Renata, you are a credit to your teachers! My best wishes for this new chapter – Brazil is lucky to have you!