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My tribute to 'a decade (plus)' of Birthlight

I first joined Birthlight in 2002, when I ventured to Riddlesworth Hall to train as a baby yoga teacher.  I had been involved with infant massage in N. Ireland for almost 6 years prior to making the decision to offer parents and babies, who attended my classes, something “new”.  

I was overwhelmed by the buzz and activity that I met when I entered Riddlesworth for the first time.  There was a large open fire, and a very friendly (and efficient) lady to greet me.  The lady, Diana, a Birthlight trustee allocated the sleeping quarters.  She also discussed food preferences, and offered a guided tour of the building, which I was most grateful for, and despite which every time I tried to find my way from A to B I still managed to get totally lost and confused.  I have very happy memories of these early days.

It was the Halloween school holidays, and during the week that I spent at the venue, there were Birthlight perinatal yoga trainings, aqua yoga trainings, baby yoga trainings and baby swim trainings all taking place.  I had the privilege of sampling a small part of each of the trainings.  Having come from a midwifery background I was totally inspired by everything Birthlight had to offer, and before I left, after my (4 day) baby yoga 1 training, I had enrolled to train in all the other disciplines, and committed to a completion date of baby yoga diploma by March the following year.  During the next year I travelled backwards and forwards from N. Ireland to complete all my work.  I could not get enough; such was my passion and enthusiasm for Birthlight.  

I have always enjoyed sharing the Birthlight spiral of Joy.   I became a tutor in 2005.  I have had the pleasure of delivering classes to hundreds of parents and babies.  As a  Birthlight tutor I have enjoyed meeting and training many Birthlight teachers, not just locally but internationally.  

When I look back over the first decade of being a member of the Birthlight family, I can hardly believe how we have grown and developed during this short period of time.  I still feel as passionate and as excited about all of our work as I did all those years ago.  Most of all I have enjoyed being a part of this expanding family.  I have gained many sisters, and brothers, with in my extended family, whose friendship I cherish, none more so than my Birthlight Mum Francoise, who has, like all good mums, been there to teach me, guide me and most importantly to support me as I have grown within the family.

Thank you to all concerned. Including those in the background, Sylvie, Valerie, Helen, Lucia, the trustees and all others, who help with the day to day running of Birthlight.  You make our journey as tutors so easy, as you co-ordinate travel, training venues and necessary equipment, all required to ensure trainings run smoothly.

I wish everyone a very happy, joyful new year. I look forward to many more years of sharing the Birthlight spiral of Joy with parents, babies and potential teachers  around  the world.

Liz Doherty