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New Birthlight Baby Swimming Song Book and CD

baby swimming songbook and cd

Following the success of the Baby Yoga Song Book, Birthlight has gathered the most popular water-themed melodies and rhymes enjoyed in Birthlight baby and toddler swimming classes over many years. They open a world of communication with your little ones, enhancing both the fun activities you share and the quiet relaxing times, encouraging rest and sleep. Children love their parent’s voices and will respond with delight, singing along with you as they grow older.

All over the world sing-songs and rhymes with actions have been a traditional way to encourage play and learning for babies and small children. The passing on of rhymes from generation to generation gives us an idea of how important it is for parents, grandparents and siblings to spend time playing with little children. One day our children will pass on not just the songs, but also the knowledge that time spent singing together is a bonding and joyful experience.

Babies and young children benefit greatly from touch and movement that is best suited to their developmental needs. There is abundant evidence that an early mutual enjoyment of parents and babies is crucial to healthy growth and creates the best foundation for learning and self-confidence in childhood.

These songs are inspired by the songs and actions used in birthlight water parenting, baby swimming and toddler swimming classes but can be enjoyed both in the water and on dry land!

This lovely colourful book has been illustrated by young London based artist and illustrator Cere Mae and accompanies an audio CD featuring 30 songs recorded by Birthlight Baby Yoga teacher Bryony Vickers, her partner Richard Rippen as well as the young voices of Charlotte Russell, Kerianne Bourdu, Chloéline Bourdu , Bethan Nutt and Martha Nutt.

The Baby swimming song book and CD are available to purchase from the birthlght online shop cost £12.00 (UK Shipping is included. Additional charge for EU or Worldwide. For large orders, contact [email protected] for a customised shipping cost)