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New Combined Baby Massage and Baby Yoga course

Baby nurture yoga

We are pleased to announce that our new 4-day intensive integrated training course, Combined Baby Massage and Baby Yoga, will be launched 27-30 June 2020 in Bristol, UK. It blends Nurturing Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Interactive Yoga with babies for parent or carers.

** Please note this training has currently been postponed due to the coronavirus. A new date will be posted soon. **

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Marion O'Connor, course tutor, shares her thoughts on how she has integrated these elements into her classes...

As the pioneer of techniques for babies and parents and carers, Birthlight has been supporting naturally optimum infant development and loving family connections for over three decades using innovative practices. For well over two of those decades I have been privileged to be able to share Françoise Freedman’s original approach joyfully with families in groups and as individuals.
"Thank you for giving me the tools and confidence to make my Mummy journey so truly amazing."
Chantelle & Paisley-Rae

Baby yoga flying
Initially my sessions consisted of ‘pure’ Baby Yoga, using the core birthlight methods inspired by traditional cultures, weaved together with yoga-based movements developed to enhance the practice for parent with baby. Later on families naturally graduated to Baby Yoga from my Baby Massage sessions, and I discovered that the babies and parents benefitted from having elements of the familiar massage practice included in the yoga class. Likewise, in the massage sessions, it made for a richer experience to address the extensive range of needs (of the baby, of the parent, and of the dyad-dynamic) by drawing on appropriate tools from the birthlight baby yoga catalogue of activities to enhance the massage routine programme.
"Nathan is definitely confident and prepared for Nursery after he’s loved attending your sessions since he was tiny."
Jen & Nathan
By using Birthlight nurturing baby massage practices combined with the core Baby Yoga techniques, there is the flexibility to meet the needs and expectations of the individuals and families for much longer than just a short course. Knowledge of the combined practices allows for a smooth continuum as the baby develops and the parent’s needs take a rhythmic journey through highs and lows.
"When I’ve had low days, the baby yoga massage sessions have always been there to put a smile on my face."
Kerry & Willow

The Birthlight ‘mothering the mother’ (or caring for the baby’s significant carer whoever that may be) element features as a communicative connection directly to baby. Our interactive practices target the health and wellbeing of the parent whilst maintaining timely attachment with baby. This Combined Baby Massage and Baby Yoga training addresses the connections on every level, and in true birthlight fashion, spirals out waves of joy from the valuable loving relationships created.
'I am a natural born worrier, but Wednesday afternoons with Luca were like a total oasis. I even use some of the breathing poses at work."
Natasha and Luca

Firsthand I see birthlight practices embrace diversity. It is a joy to witness how the methods work from Europe and Russia to China and Japan and beyond, regardless of variations in culture or differences in people. Birthlight is able to celebrate the individual and support connections in a nurturing environment. Those who attend training courses range from grandparents revising their parenting skills and single fathers reaffirming their confidence in child-raising to entrepreneurs launching a business and experienced health professionals expanding their practice to successfully serve the diversity in their local communities.
‘I am joyfully impressed at how Marion can easily communicate with any child, there is always a successful dialogue, even though we speak different languages. And the precious atmosphere, that birthlight sets and promotes, encourages positivity, and I want to share this joy with the world.’

This combined training unites the practices which equip teachers with the skills to deliver flexible, enjoyable and successful sessions, for longer and with more variety. The Level 1 training covers babies 6 weeks-old to pre-mobile, and progressing to Level 2 will consolidate your knowledge and skills and allow you to extend your practice to include mobile babies to 18 months.
I think Aristotle summed up this new course when he said, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Upcoming courses

27-30 June 2020
Bristol School of Yoga, UK
Tutor: Marion O'Connor

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For training queries on course content please contact the course tutor: [email protected]