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Nurturing baby massage - tutors course

Liz Doherty had offered to do the Nurturing Baby Massage course for the tutors during last year’s Tutors meeting, and this materialised into a fun and informative weekend staying at Shawn’s farmhouse 7/8th June 2014.

Shawn and Chris have an amazing farmhouse filled with rustic charm and generosity. Drinking milk from the cow, eating home baked bread topped with homemade butter, preserves, or hummus was a good way to start the day.

Liz had produced a beautiful manual with clear colourful pictures and presented the content interestingly, drawing the expertise from the rest of the girls and using reflections to emphasise the importance of massage and movement following the birth and into the early months until the baby is crawling.

As a Midwife I found the information on containment holds enlightening, this I had been doing instinctively but I now have a name to discuss things with my colleagues.

The information on states of consciousness, sensory integration and reading baby cues reflects the beginnings of a rewarding relationship between the parent and the baby. I was continuously thinking back to the way that I had interacted between my boys when they were babies, and how I interact between them now.

The charm and exclusiveness of this course, is that Birthlight postnatal yoga is added after the baby massage incorporating all those beautiful closing movements, and its again a close connection between the baby and carer.

Relaxation is as important with these classes as with all Birthlight classes, and what a perfect way to finish the massage in a supportive and caring environment.

This course encouraged bonding between the tutors, and I thank Liz for taking the time and effort to offer the course in a heavy teaching schedule, and to Shawn and Chris for being exceptional hosts, and for welcoming my Mum Pat into their home. Mum echoed on the way home the thoughts of us all, “an enjoyable and fruitful weekend”.

Wendy Gasden, birthlight tutor and midwife