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Poetry of Birthlight - ‘Finding the Mum in Me’

Does anyone else find that amongst the aims and objectives in our teachers’ lesson plans there seeps a sprinkling of Birthlight magic dust? Families revealing benefits that we hadn’t planned? Amongst a trio of beautiful big baby yogis who graduated this week I received 'Thank You' cards that reveal what the mothers gained from the sessions: growing in confidence and forging friendships in a non-judgemental environment, and laughing at my singing!  Jenson’s wonderful mother, Debbie, created a unique card containing this precious poem.

Finding the Mum in Me

A new mum, sometimes a bit scared,
Trying to take in all the new advice I’d heard.
Was I holding him too much?  or not enough?
Was I too soft? Did I need to be tough?
If I sat and cuddled him, how spoilt would he be?
I was trying my best to find the mum in me.

Coming to yoga helped to blow all that away,
I would always look forward to Wednesday.
You create an environment for mums to feel safe,
And the opportunity to admit mistakes.
Your advice, guidance and tricks, I’ll keep!
But we’ll miss your high pitched singing each week.
Our version of The Green Frog is not quite the same,
It’ll be a while before we have delicious homemade treats like yours again.

My baby Jenson adores you Marion,
You’ve always made such a fuss of him,
It’s obvious how happy he has always been in your class,
Each week he races over to you and sits on your mat.
But now my independent, confident and flexible son,
Is getting so big and ready to move on.
Thank you for boosting my confidence and supporting me,
To become the mummy I always wanted to be.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart,
For giving me and Jenson the best start.

Reproduced with kind permission of Debbie,
a wonderful mum from Marion O’Connor’s baby yoga class.

If you're inspired to train to be a birthlight baby yoga teacher, have a look at our Baby Yoga Level 1 course.  We offer a Mother’s route to Training, something popular as priorities and career focus can change when you become a mum.


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