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Promoting the birthlight methods in Brazil

Last month I was happily surprised to be contacted by a local TV channel (SBT RS) here in southern Brazil in order to be interviewed about my baby massage classes. I have been back to Brazil since April last year and was fortunate enough to find a yoga school who wanted my classes almost straight away. I have been teaching Toddler Yoga and Baby Massage at Devi Yoga all this time and it has been so good. It benefited me in many ways, firstly to be able to teach in my mother tongue was an amazing experience; and secondly because it gave me the feeling that I was being useful and doing something good for others. Slowly but surely my teaching has been improving and we have been growing the birthlight spiral of joy in Brazil. It’s a huge country so it is no easy task but I am happy with the tiny bit I have done so far.

Well, going back to the TV interview, I was contacted and two weeks later my class was being filmed. It was the last class of the block and I was so glad to see how happy and comfortable the baby girl and her mom Patricia were. In the interview I had the chance to chat about the benefits of massage. The 'colic’ is a very “famous" subject that all parents wish to get rid off… So, I showed a bit of belly massage to alleviate colic and to prevent it. I hope this little bit has helped a few parents out there. I was also very, very happy to hear Patricia being interviewed and talking about how her confidence has grown since she started the classes and how she and her baby have bonded. Talking with past students about the interviews, I heard very nice feedbacks from all previous moms that came to my classes. It was reassuring and I know that I am in the right path. At the end of the TV show a paediatrician was also interviewed and corroborated with many of the things I said, that was the cherry on top of the cake (because a doctor’s opinion  matters a lot here!).

Now I am writing to you from Uruguay where I had the luck to spend my day with babies and toddlers in a local nursery. I was invited by my friend Gaby, to talk a little bit about yoga and its benefits. I told them I was a baby and toddler yoga teacher in Brazil and they were all very excited about it. I spent the afternoon there, playing with the children, giving and learning some things. It is so amazing to see that more and more people are becoming more conscious of the importance of proper care in the primal period of children’s lives. I am sure that soon a door will open for Birthlight here in Uruguay too…

I leave you with the video and I am sure that those who don’t speak Portuguese will be able to perceive the joyful moments that mom and baby have shared.

Kind regards,
Renata Könitz
The Birthlight Team