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Rebozo practices - before during and after birth


A rebozo is a long flat garment that takes its name from its use by women in Mexico. It can be worn in various ways, usually folded or wrapped around the head and / or upper body; to shade from the sun, provide warmth and as an accessory to an outfit. It is also used to carry babies and large bundles, especially among indigenous women. Similar long pieces of cloth are used in similar ways by indigenous women all over the world.

The popularity of the term ‘rebozo’ comes from the spread of Maya traditional midwifery practices in international maternity circles. Throughout Latin America in rural and indigenous areas, ‘rebozos’ are still used as ‘sashes’ to provide support for women in late pregnancy, and as an aid to women in labour. Pulling on the ends of a rebozo wrapped or stretched around a woman’s pelvis with specific movements in late pregnancy or during labour, promotes optimal fetal positioning and easier childbirth.

We use plain and inexpensive Asian shawls. Please Note they are not strong enough to be used as baby carriers, unlike some of the traditional rebozos or clothing that women use worldwide.

Rebozos and their uses

The four aims of Birthlight rebozo practices follow ancient indigenous uses and complement them with adaptations of classic yoga poses and moves:

  • Stability of the pelvic girdle
  • Facilitating micro movements of the pelvis to make space for babies before and after labour
  • Deep muscle toning using yoga breathing
  • A colourful feminine garment with many graceful uses

Using a rebozo as a sash helps to create an external pelvic girdle that stabilises the three pelvic joints effortlessly.
With adaptations for posture during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Rebozo use helps promote a gentle yet efficient toning of abdominal and lower back muscles, including pelvic floor muscles.
Rebozo use add the gentle extension of the exhalation over the time spent inhaling that is the foundation of many ancient yoga-healing practices. This induces relaxation and reduces anxiety.
Rebozos can be used creatively to assist infant development, both physical and mental and to enrich communication between parents and babies. The use of rebozos can make yoga poses more accessible and fun.

We offer assorted coloured rebozos that are not strong enough to use as baby carriers but are strong and effective for all other uses and cheaper than most suppliers. They cost £7 if purchased individually (includes UK shipping), also available in sets of 10 and 25 at discounted prices.

Example rebozo use (taken from the Birthlight handbook 'Rebozo Practices - Before, During & After Birth' (details below). Cost £5.75 (includes UK shipping)

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Uses of rebozo to ease birth

Encouraging optimal fetal presentation

These rebozo practices can help your baby rotate to have his or her back to your front in an optimal anterior position. Even if you know you will need a Caesarean section, use these rebozo practices to alleviate lower back pain.

  • Fan out the rebozo to support the whole bump
  • Your partner stands behind you as you take an aligned all fours position
  • Breathe deeply
  • Your partner follows your breath and pulls the ends of the rebozo gently up and back during your out breath, then releases them again
  • Repeat x 10 breaths.



  • This practice can help with a posterior or breech baby
  • Your partner wraps the rebozo from your sacrum to the back of your thighs as you rest your upper body on your forearms in a forward kneeling position
  • The action is a firm pull of the stretched rebozo that you resist by pushing on your forearms. Alternate pulling to the left and right may help a posterior baby swivel to an anterior position.




  • Firm pressure over the sacrum using a folded rebozo can help a posterior baby turn before or during labour. Breathe deeply while the pressure is applied
  • You can also make deep long Oooh sounds as you exhale.





This very practical handbook is full of creative ideas on how to use these colourful shawls to support and nurture women before, during and after birth.  Francoise has gathered many ideas from her travels and they are presented with very easy to follow instructions and colourful photographs.

The main aims of these birthlight practices are to stabilise the pelvic girdle, aid the micro movements that assist women and to promote deep muscle tone. Robozos come in many beautiful colours and can help a woman to feel more relaxed and joyful.

There are clear sections on pre-birth practices, ways to use a robozo for labour and then postnatally to realign the body.  They can also be used for baby yoga creating sensory experiences and fun games.

Handbook includes:

Fertility and Early Pregnancy

  • Breathing on the back for fertility and during early pregnancy


  • Hip openers
  • Isotonic micro-moves for pelvic pain
  • Pregnancy walks - Camel walk
  • Pregnancy squats
  • Self nurture with a rebozo during pregnancy

Birth Preparation and Labour

  • Uses of rebozo to ease birth
  • Uses of rebozo in labour
  • Postpartum healing with rebozo

Birth Recovery and Postnatal Yoga

  • Birth recovery and self nurture

Pelvic realignment after birth

  • Gentle lower back stretch
  • Postnatal stretches with legs extended
  • Postnatal walking twists

Baby Yoga and Nurture

  • Rebozo in baby yoga and nurture
  • Sensory peek-a-boo
  • Rebozo support for sitting, crawling and standing
  • Playful relaxation with babies

Well Woman

  • Well Woman yoga with rebozo
  • Chair yoga rebozo stretches
  • Back stretches and forward bends
  • Gentle sitting stabilisers
  • Partner stretches

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