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Remembering Sarah Gostick

Sarah Gostick was an amazing lady, as “Birthlight” as you could be without training up! All her children attended one Birthlight class or another, from Wizzy, through Angus and Gemma, right down to Sally-Ann. Sally-Ann used to shout through her baby swim classes with me!

In the village where she lived, she thrived as a mum to her four children, wife to Mark, business owner, pop-up restaurant operator (with Mark and close friends), fund-raiser and amateur dramatics performer. Her best loved part was the pirate “Well-Eye” in Treasure Island. I have never known anyone to get so many laughs while only ever having two words to say, “Well, I…”

Sadly, she lost her hard fought battle against breast cancer last month and will be sorely missed, not only by her family but also by all of her friends, close or otherwise. Her memorial service was gorgeous; the church was filled not only with people but also pots and pots of snowdrops and early daffodils, beautiful words were spoken by husband, father and best friends. It was truly a celebration of Sarah’s life and she would have been overjoyed to know that everyone was there to share her obvious joy of life with her family.

She will be missed – but in a good way! xxx

Nadine Santus

The sad news that Sarah lost her battle with cancer was devastating at first, as the loss of a mother and wife leaves a great void never completely possible to fill. After the shock impact, though, the images that flooded my mind and heart were those of Sarah in Birthlight classes with Wizzy and then Angus: energetic, full of life and fun, ready to try new things, always caring and loving not just to her babies but to those of other women in the group. I cherish vivid memories of the photo shoot for my book Water Babies, in which Sarah starred with Wizzy on her back and in amazing dives. Sarah inspired so many other parents with her confidence as she was doing lots of daring moves in the calmest and most self-assured way. Then when baby Angus arrived, I was moved to see Sarah be so protective and gentle with her new baby, as I had only met her when Wizzy was a few months old. Many people have commented on how moving the images of Sarah relaxing with Angus are in our very first Baby Yoga video, shot back in 1999.  She truly listened to her babies and followed their lead rather than imposing any style of parenting, and I was full of admiration for her flexibility as a mother while she retained her 'full of fun' quality of being equally with the two little ones I met out of her four.  Through the sadness, these images stay with us as a celebration of Sarah and convey her inspiring qualities. I will always remember her as a friend, who fully embraced our Birthlight motto that our classes create 'circles of friends' honouring and celebrating our and our babies' differences with a light spirit.   First and foremost,  my heart goes to Sarah's family but I also wish to celebrate the threads in her life that interweave with the joys and sorrows that connect us within Birthlight through time and space.