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Shining the light

On my travels many years ago I stayed with a yoga teacher in Australia. She was 30 years older than my 24 years and she was full of wisdom and stillness and joy. I was a brand new yoga teacher and I was on the adventure of a lifetime. Her name was Trish and she really was a mentor and guide of enormous value. A treasure that I hold dearer as my own years pass. Trish was well established in Canberra in South Australia with a great reputation and busy classes. One evening after a day of event organising Trish asked me if I wanted to go with her to her pregnancy yoga class. I knew nothing about pregnancy yoga but I was young and open and wanting to learn as much as I could. Her yoga had guided many women through pregnancy and birth. I was intrigued.

I will never forget the feeling in the room as the women settled, the doors closed and the class began. Trish was indeed a woman of wisdom. I watched in awe as she guided them gently into poses,  breathing techniques and relaxation practices and stress just fell away from the women. I joined in with the class but really I was observing. I didnt miss a beat. The women sat and listened as Trish gave insights and tips for well being and self love. About deep nourishment and nurturing and their place for the mother as well as the baby. I was deeply moved. I felt I had been granted an insight into a secret world. I had no maternal plans at that point and little understanding that this would one day be my world.

That was in 2000 and in 2004 I was back in Liverpool when I gave birth to my son and the feminine path of pregnancy, motherhood and wisdom opened like a lotus inside of me. The seed was already planted years before.

When I started teaching my pregnancy yoga classes in the Liverpool Women's Hospital I held onto that feeling I had when I stepped into Trish's space. She showed me that evening what sacred work we do.  How women can be moved deeply by the space we provide. How sometimes we touch people internally with our words, our gestures and our kindness and it may last a lifetime.

I share this because as years go by, we might forget. We might forget that we can be gatekeepers of a sacred space where unspoken in the presence of mothers love, the angels come. Each mother can be kissed by the unseen ones and her world becomes a little brighter. We cannot know for sure, but my feeling is that we do not need to know. Our dharma is to create the space, our dharma is to teach with love and generosity and welcome everyone who comes into our classes.
Trish's kind invitation to a young teacher back in 2000 set the scene for a path that would prosper and grow and be passed on a thousand times.

Meeting Françoise in 2003 and training with Birthlight over the last 10 years has fuelled what was a spark, to become and roaring passion for the feminine path. That wisdom I saw in Trish was her Shakti. It's the same light that shine from Françoise and the birthlight tutors. It's the same light that is in all of us as teachers who guide women into wellness and health of mind, body, spirit breath and baby.

I teach yoga for fertility, pregnancy, women's health and babies. I work with couples and I dance along the feminine path in deep gratitude for the generosity of all of my teachers.

Thank you Trish. Thank you Birthlight. Thank you to all the women who come... Om Shanti

Jenni Jones
Birthlight Fertlity Yoga, Perinatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Baby Yoga and Well Woman Yoga teacher

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