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Special and additional needs swimming

Working with families who have babies and toddlers with special and additional needs is awe inspiring. Families have many obstacles to overcome and do so with determination and love.  It was a great privilege to bring the Special baby Infant Aquatics training to Taiwan.

There were many stories told and heard during our training, but one especially touched our hearts. This centered on a beautiful little girl of 17 months, who has cerebral palsy and lives with many physical and sensory challenges.

The first day of training was especially difficult for both Mother and Child. Holding your baby in the water is always a new experience, especially a little one who cannot hold herself. Our birthlight teachers were careful to align both parent and baby, to ensure optimum relaxed breathing position and slowly began to move both of them, in fluid aquatic sequences.


Teacher Vivian taking her time to ensure optimum head position and body alignment

Tutor Judy, ensuring movements were fluid and slow

Balance, buoyancy and breath, the hallmark of birthlight teaching.

By the second day we began to see this dedicated Mother taking over, tuning herself to her baby, finding the correct tempo and touch, enjoying the freedom that can be found only in the water.

On the third day, we delighted in taking a back step and watching as both Mother and Child became one and relaxed in each other's arms. Relaxation releases powerful hormones, such as oxytocin, the hormone of love and endorphins, the hormones of joy. And for a while, the stress of managing, striving, struggling passed this family by and all that mattered, was a precious moment of peace.

In Birthlight we are honoured to tutor Infant Aquatics for children with Special and Additional needs.

Shawn Tomlinson
Baby Swimming Tutor

A Mother takes over as she tunes into her child. There is no longer fear, just love and determination to succeed

Scheduled Special Baby Swimming Courses

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Special Baby Swimming
28-29 January 2017
Venue: Athens, Greece

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Baby Yoga

Special Baby Swimming
19-20 May 2017
Venue: Thessaloniki, Greece

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