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Special Baby Yoga Project launched in Moscow


Первые годы жизни ребёнка это очень важный период. Именно в первые годы происходит невероятный скачок развития, от фиксации взгляда до формирования умений, связанных с раздельным использованием пальцев - мелкой моторики, навыка общения, самостоятельной игры и свободного передвижения.
Об этапах правильного развития написано много, и по сути, каждый знает, что должен делать ребёнок в год или два.

Но что делать, когда что-то идёт не так?

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Introduction by Marion O’Connor, Birthlight Tutor

A Russian paediatric doctor has left her job to support babies with specific needs using Birthlight Baby Yoga practices. Oxana Tsyshkova, one of our Moscow-based baby yoga teachers, has set up a project for babies who were born prematurely. She has been negotiating with various foundations and rehabilitation centres, and got as far as the second stage of the Grand Fund for the support of social issues. Professional Birthlight Baby Yoga teacher and colleague, Svetlana Maltsyeva delivers the one-to-one Birthlight sessions to the babies and parents.

I happened to be in Moscow this spring when Oxana invited doctors to observe live a practical session. That morning more than 158 local doctors joined us to witness the Baby Yoga session delivered by Svetlana.


Thanks to the development of social projects in Russia, Oxana has the chance to apply for funding from social support initiatives. Funding means that Oxana will be able to perform a before and after objective paediatric examination, carry out an IMP with a multichannel myogram and use a control group.

Oxana has already sacrificed much for this invaluable project, and she sees this stage as just a spring board; she is determined to inject her expert time and professional knowledge until she acquires the funding necessary to prove scientifically how Birthlight techniques support families of babies born prematurely.

On the eve of the International Yoga Day, a meeting was held online to discuss the direction of “early soft adaptation of a special child in the family”, taking a closer look at the advantages of the "Baby yoga Birthlight" approach, and touching upon the "Special yoga for special children" system for older children.


In this YouTube clip Svetlana demonstrates Birthlight Techniques for the older baby.

Joy to interact with the parent

  • Development of motor skills
  • Sensory integration
  • Balance between activity and comfort

Details can be found on the Russian website:

The introduction of Birthlight Special Baby Yoga in Moscow Hospital

Oxana outlines the physiological and neuropsychological reasoning behind the practice of Baby Yoga for Premature Babies with specific needs.

Document:  The Introduction of Birthlight Special Baby Yoga in Moscow Hospital by Oxana Tsyshkova>