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Supporting Supriya

Supriya Horn is a dedicated Birthlight Well Woman and Perinatal Yoga teacher from North London. She moved with her family to Portugal in August this year to follow her dream of living sustainably close to nature. But on 15th October her dreams were shattered when wild fires swept through her area raising her home and all her belongings to the ground. Read below her story and consider donating to her families appeal.

I studied Well Woman Yoga with Francoise in June 2015 when my son was 6 months old. With my first child I would never have dreamed of leaving her for 4 daytimes of training but this second time round I had called on the universe to help me find my calling and the lure of training with Francoise Freedman was strong.

From the moment I got into the training room I was convinced I had found what I was looking for. I’d been teaching general Hatha Yoga classes for years previously but always felt for me there was something missing.

Francoise’s flowing, deeply embedded teachings drew me in. I loved everything about it. The subtleness, the depth, the micro movements, parts of my body responding and waking up in a way I hadn’t experienced in any other practice.

I got straight to work after the training and organised my case studies to begin as soon as my maternity leave ended. From there it was easy to continue teaching classes as my case study students couldn’t get enough of it. They just followed through and I taught for the next couple of years with a tight core group of women.

I went on to train in perinatal yoga with Kirsteen Ruffell which was the perfect addition to my repertoire as I had also become a Doula in the mean time.

In August this year myself and my family left our life in London to follow our dream of living sustainably, close to nature and off grid, in Portugal. The plan was to get settled into the community there and then start offering my Well Woman and Perinatal Classes to women.

However on 15th October our dreams were shattered. Our whole area was ravaged by wild fires and our house we had been building from scratch for the last few years together with all our belongings were raised to the ground. The universe had something to say to us.

Fortunately the yoga values of detachment and trust I have cultivated over the years have been a great companion during these past weeks. I know that everything happens for a reason and I am trying to stay as present as possible amongst the debris.

I know there are deep lessons we must learn from this experience and I trust that we will be provided for in whatever way will help us grow.

A beautiful friend has set up a fundraising appeal for us to help raise money to rebuild our lives here because despite everything it has made us realise how much we love the place and the community we moved to.

If you would donate we would be deeply grateful. The link to the appeal is here >

A friend made a video of the impact of the fire on families. It is powerful and gives a sense of what we have experienced.