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Birthlight water parenting resources

Special combined offer

Birthlight Water Parenting DVD + Birthlight Baby swimming Song book and CD

£26.99 (UK postage included) instead for £31.99
Please use the discount code given by your swim school or by the STA

The offer is available to purchase from the birthlight online shop >

Birthlight is the educational charity promoting the wellbeing of mothers and their families. It aims to enable parents and their babies to relax together in order to find more enjoyment in the special moments right from conception through to toddlerhood.
Specialising in teacher training, Birthlight has developed nurturing parent-child programmes in both yoga and swimming over the last 30 years making the charity the gold standard in these fields. Birthlight’s founder Françoise Freedman - a Cambridge University Anthropologist, has translated her tribal living experiences of connected parenting to benefit Western women. Her work has extended into over 10 books and numerous DVDs sold worldwide.

Birthlight has a Water Parenting facebook group where we welcome gentle aquatic discussions on our method and relevant topics.

Water Parenting DVD

Birthlight has reissued an instructional video for parents, supporting them with a gentle approach to helping their babies learn to swim. Birthlight Water Parenting is suitable for guiding both newborns and toddlers.. The key theme of learning through loving interaction is demonstrated via moves ranging from easy holds to more dynamic techniques that everyone can master.

1 hour 26 minutes  - 9 chapters covering Water Parenting with Babies and Toddlers from 2 months to 48 months, including special babies and toddlers.

The DVD is available to purchase from the birthlight online shop at a cost of £19.99. UK Shipping is included. Additional charge for EU or Worldwide.

The instructional video (1 hour 26 minutes) is also available to purchase from Vimeo at a cost of £19.99.  Stream or download any time, watch on iOS, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

"I was keen to watch this as already we go to baby swimming lessons every week. I wanted to see a fuller picture of how to develop a baby through to toddlerhood. My son loves the water but we don’t get much chance to practice other than in the lesson. It’s a good video and a useful tool for a parent who wants to try a bit more with their kids safely."
Tejal, 32 London – Mother of a one year old

"What a lovely DVD. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the simple cover but it is nice and easy to understand. We do already go to lessons but it’s mostly my husband in the water so I feel more aware of the ways to enjoy connecting in water now I’ve watched it."
Laura – Leicestershire – Mother of a one year old



Baby Swimming songbook and CD

Birthlight has gathered the most popular water-themed melodies and rhymes enjoyed in Birthlight baby and toddler swimming classes over many years. They open a world of communication with your little ones, enhancing both the fun activities you share and the quiet relaxing times, encouraging rest and sleep. Children love their parent’s voices and will respond with delight, singing along with you as they grow older.

All over the world sing-songs and rhymes with actions have been a traditional way to encourage play and learning for babies and small children. The passing on of rhymes from generation to generation gives us an idea of how important it is for parents, grandparents and siblings to spend time playing with little children. One day our children will pass on not just the songs, but also the knowledge that time spent singing together is a bonding and joyful experience.

These songs are inspired by the songs and actions used in birthlight water parenting, baby swimming and toddler swimming classes but can be enjoyed both in the water and on dry land!

 This lovely colourful book has been illustrated by young London based artist and illustrator Cere Mae and accompanies an audio CD featuring 30 songs.

The Baby swimming song book and CD are available to purchase from the birthlght online shop cost £12.00 (UK Shipping is included. Additional charge for EU or Worldwide.