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Sylvie - a big thank you

Birthlight is inspired by both the teachings of Amazonian indigenous forest people and Yoga. In both traditions, there is a strong value on growth through transformation in the cycles we experience as we live. Sylvie is moving on from Birthlight to enter a new phase of her professional life with a company aiming to have an impact not on new families and society, - as we do - but on the planet.  This is an exciting expansion of her dedication to do well in a way that also serves a greater purpose. After ten years of work with Birthlight, at the same time as raising her young family, Sylvie is ready to unfold her potential in different ways. As testimonies flow to honor the many qualities she invariably displayed with tutors, course organisers, administrators, insurers and reps in her role as manager of Birthlight, I would like to personally celebrate Sylvie’s elegant professionalism and integrity. This has never been so salient as in the last few weeks when she has calmly been ensuring that all necessary information and procedures can be passed on in a smooth transition into the future.

During the decade that Sylvie worked with Birthlight, she has put systems in place for responding to the rising demand for our courses in many countries. Her superbly organized planner has coordinated the activities of a tutor team that doubled in size (now 20) and travelled to all continents. At the same time, our office team had to grow in accordance to the increased work load. In the office where she led by example, at conferences, tutors’ meetings, Trustees’ meetings, official meetings in Russia and China, Sylvie’s impeccable but also warm and friendly input was valued and enjoyed by all. From her first faultless adding of the petty cash to the point when bank clerks no longer bothered to check sums because they were always correct, Sylvie also progressively managed our accounts more fully in a careful, sound and fair manner, producing graphs and forecasts that we can use to present our trajectory since 2008.

For Sylvie, actions speak louder than words. From the start of her employment, she felt and grasped the impact of Birthlight in a way that touched her directly. Her understanding of the vision we all share culminated in the production of  the colorful double spiral that represents our land and water courses before and after birth. As a tangible memento of Sylvie’s personal involvement in Birthlight besides her admirable professional performance, I treasure the piece of paper on which this double spiral was first scribbled. Of course, the spiral opens out to infinity. It is all too logical that Sylvie, too, should follow this opening outward, towards an expanded future full of joy and happiness for her and her family. Thank you for this phase of life we have walked together, Sylvie.

With all my best wishes,


A big thank you!

As I am embarking on a new chapter of my working life, I would like to thank you and say goodbye to all of you.

It has been a real pleasure over the years to develop the Birthlight training courses’ strategy, with a delicate balance so that all parties are listened to and respected whilst always keeping in mind the Birthlight Trust ethos.

In this challenging world, there is a need to make a difference and the Birthlight practices have their place. With your classes, you create an invaluable safe and nurturing space for mums-to-be, new families and babies. These deep values of caring and nurturing can spread and grow from your classes to daily life, at home and at work, making a small but important impact.

Thank you for making a difference and wishing you all in best in carrying on your teachers and tutors’ roles with the support of the whole Birthlight team.

With care and love,


January 2019