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The Birthlight seeds in Europe

Managing birthlight is not just about making sure that the courses are filling up, it also requires an  economical and political awareness: from the currency exchange rate, the uncertainty of the European Union to the events in Ukraine and Russia. Some decisions taken by our governments have an impact on our daily life and on the Birthlight community. But despite all of these, the birthlight seeds are growing.

In the Netherlands, Yoga Moves is steadily offering the perinatal yoga training course every year and will host its first baby yoga training next October.

In Switzerland, Kirsteen Ruffell will tutor another perinatal course in April at the birthlight centre based in Zurich. Francoise Freedman was also there last December for the first Well Woman part 1 course.

In Germany, Barbara Lipsky based in Hamburg has been focusing on the baby yoga and toddler yoga training course.

In Greece, the birthlight teachers have created a birthlight community facebook group and, with currently 3 courses organisers, the birthlight awareness is growing. When my daughter in Year 3 came back home few weeks ago saying that this year their musical production was ‘Greece goes to pieces’, it made me jumped! What was this about? For those, like me who do know this school production, it is about Ancient Greece. And let me reassure you, birthlight in Greece is definitively NOT going to pieces!

Two others countries that have been affected by the European debt, Ireland and Portugal, have also some great birthlight members who are spreading the birthlight spiral of joy.

France was well featured in our previous newsletter and more perinatal yoga training courses are planned for next October and January. Birthlight spirit in the house of angels  Birthlight in France - a real ray of sunshine.

In Italy, Sara and Anthony met Francoise Freedman through one of the Rainbow Kids residential training course and have since become birthlight teachers. Sara is now organising the first birthlight event in Rome: Yoga for Pelvic Health. Discovering birthlight, becoming a teacher and then inviting birthlight in their country, this is how most of our course organisers have started. Thanks to all of you!

If we go the geographical frontiers of Europe, we are pleased to announce that Yogatime will be hosting again a perinatal yoga training course in Turkey. Further north, our thoughts go to the Russian and Ukrainian birthlight community. A special mention to Anna Shkulanova who works very hard to organise the courses at the Bright family Centre in the heart of Moscow.

Last but not least, let’s not forget all our wonderful teachers and tutors in the UK! To mention just one course: the first Aqua Yoga level 1 in Northern Ireland will take place in July with Sally Lomas.

Being French, married to a scot and with 2 daughters born in England, I am fundamentally aware that we are just part of a wider community:  Am I French, European, world citizen? Or am I world citizen, European, French?  What about you?

Sylvie Russell
Birthlight Teaching Ltd Director