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The birthlight training website - one of the perks of being a member

Hello dear birthlight member,

Last year we launched a new training website - are you a birthlight member and you haven’t seen it yet? So come with us and have a look around - it is full of helpful things!


In the new training website you will find all the forms you need to complete for your coursework. There are also other supporting materials that can help you completing it. It is very easy to navigate and find stuff, so if you are in the process of completing your coursework, just go to the ‘Resources’ tab and select ‘Completing your coursework’. There you will find info about coursework completion - because we all know that we received a lot of information on the course and may have forgotten a few bits. So, don’t worry, it is all there. On top of that, you will have course specific materials and forms.

If you, for example, have trained to become a Baby Yoga teacher, under the ‘Baby Yoga’ resources you will find a lot of specific supporting materials, videos about baby development, postnatal recovery and even videos with songs for specific exercises, such as, songs for the beginning of the class, goodbye songs, hip moves and so forth…


These are videos made exclusively for members - they are not public on Youtube! And they can bring a refreshing feeling for those days that we ran out of ‘song inspiration’.

Of course each area of teaching have its own dedicated material so you will be able to find texts, videos and all the coursework forms you need under your training area. Have a look on what’s available on your teaching area!

Then, that day has finally arrived, you have completed all your coursework and forgot what you have to do with it… after all, the course you attended was at least 6 months ago if not one year… Don’t worry! Under the ‘Coursework’ session you will find all the information you need about, writing to [email protected] to let us know that you have uploaded your coursework and if you struggle with technology, there is a step-by-step video that you can watch. Simple isn’t it?

Promoting your Classes

And what about after I finished all my work and got my Diploma? Well, then is when the fun begins!

Did you know that you can get all your promoting material at the training website? Yes! Under the session ‘Set-up and promote’ you will find everything from advice on how to set up the practical aspects of your business, information about online booking systems, invoicing and marketing to flyers, business cards, posters, logos, vouchers and photos!

On the training website you will also find information about being a member and what does it mean. You will have access to the birthlight code of good practice, the birthlight guide, information about insurance and discounts with our partners. Did you know that by being a birthlight member you can get the following discounts?

Asquith London – 25% discount
Pinter & Martin – 10% discount
Yogamatters discount
Yoga Bliss – 10% discount
Base Formula – 10% discount

These discounts are for birthlight members only and you can get the codes through a link on the 'Membership & Benefits' section on the training website.

The birthlight membership gives you lots of benefits and discounts, but it is much more than that. It is your annual membership fee that helps us to keep going, researching, improving courses and materials as well as spreading the spirals of joy around the world.

In accordance with our philosophy of promoting wellbeing rather than maximising profit, birthlight has chosen not to work within the framework of a commercial franchise but instead engaging members in the ethos of ‘social enterprise’.

Our aim is to give members benefits similar to those of a franchise agreement at a very low cost while respecting the individuality of each teacher and “walking our talk” as an organisation.

If you haven’t explored the new birthlight training website, we hope that you will now. And we hope that you will not only explore it, but enjoy all the benefits it can bring to you.

The username and password for the training website ( are initially set to the same as for the birthlight members area - please enter both in lowercase. If you have forgotten your password there is a 'Lost your password?' facility where you can reset it. Any problems please get in touch with us.

Wishing you all the very best and Happy Teaching!

The Birthlight Team