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The joys of teaching both Birthlight swimming and yoga classes

My journey with Birthlight began about 8 years ago.  I was expecting redundancy at work and was pregnant with my first child.  My sister in law taught Birthlight baby swimming in Chester and I watched some classes and decided that was what I wanted to do after my baby was born.

So, I walked into my old office in a suit one Friday and then the following Monday I was in my tracksuit on a flight to Ireland to learn baby yoga with Liz Doherty.  I had decided that I would do the Birthlight Baby Yoga course as well as the Infant Aquatics, partly because I had time on my hands to kill between the redundancy and baby being due, but I also thought they would compliment each other well.  

What a great decision it was.  When Isabel was 3 months old I set up Flutterbabies and started teaching Birthlight Baby Yoga, taking her along with me.  It was easy to set up the classes in church halls etc and I had a great post natal group who supported me by coming along to classes and also bringing their friends along.  Swimming was a little more difficult due to the competition for pools in the area and I knew that I wanted another child so I decided to wait to start the swim school.  It was my intention that the swim school would form the main part of my business and that the yoga would be something to fill in any spare time.  

I was amazed during the Birthlight trainings how similar many of the moves were both on land and in water and how they complimented each other so well.  It also made me more confident in the handling of Isabel. I spent a lot of time with Isabel in the water myself and played around with the yoga exercises in the water adapting them as she grew older.

About 3 years later, after the birth of my son Alex, the time came to start the swimming classes. I started one morning a week initally and luckily soon had full classes due to the attendance of my baby yoga customers as they loved the nurturing and bonding style of the classes.

I have had quite a few customers who have been through the yoga and swimming courses with us who have then left due to work circumstances.  They’ve moved on to other swim schools and then phoned begging for us to make a space in one of our classes as the “feeling” of the class just isn’t the same.  This is what makes both the water and land practices so special with Birthlight – the ambience of the class and how the parents feel.  I recently had the following testimonial from one of my customers:  “I would say that the main reasons we kept coming back to the Baby yoga classes were that I felt like both Eden and I got something out of the class and it was genuine exercise for us both; you made it really personal by knowing everyone's names and remembering any issues we had; you always ask how things are going; it was a good way to meet other mums; the class was well structured and explained and I felt like you were genuinely interested in each of us.”  

The swimming and yoga classes are so different but so similar.  There are many aspects the same - the holds, the moves, the bonding, the nurturing, the eye contact, even the songs.  I adapt a lot of songs that I use in my baby yoga classes to be used in the water too – parents love this particularly with their favourite songs and it also helps them to remember the words!


We would love to invite you to join us for a baby yoga or baby swimming training.