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The work of Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton…..our leading edge in understanding cellular memory and how it impacts development of baby in utero and in first 7 years of life

Bruce Lipton’s work is something well recognised by Birthlight and we have some of his work featured in the Perinatal Yoga training manual. A cell biologist and pioneer in the field of epigenetics, Bruce made public the understanding that the ‘brain’ of a cell in not as previously thought, the nucleus, but in fact, the cell membrane.

So the environment (maternal or external) passes information to the cell membrane, which then influences what genetic factors are switched on and expressed. What does this have to do with us Birthlight teachers?

The nature/nurture debate has raged rampant since the question was first asked….are we simply the product of our genes or is who we become, personality, intellectually and health wise, the result of our upbringing?

Bruce has written two cutting edge books and created countless other resources including DVDs of his presentations, articles, CDs and has a huge presence on social media and YouTube.

His books, ‘The Biology of Belief’ and ‘The Honeymoon Effect’ both go into how thoughts affect our cells. In 'The Biology of Belief there is a whole chapter (Chapter 7) on Conscious Parenting and the chapter before this describes how fear and chronic stress affect our health and productivity/ability to procreate. It delves into the science behind how we are programmed by our mother’s perception of her world, during our time in the womb and by the immediate family influences of the first 7 years of life. Bruce makes it all simple, with great analogies to help ground his explanations.

'The Honeymoon Effect' is my personal favourite, and I believe it is a must read for all Birthlight teachers and for parents to be. Not only does it explore in detail how to have harmonious and happy relationships, and how to keep the ‘honeymoon’ feeling alive that we get when we first meet someone and fall in love, but it also describes in detail how our babies are programmed by their maternal environment, in the womb.  Bruce gives the scientific reasoning behind why we recreate the same old patterns in relationships, we grew up around, and ways this can be overcome. Once we are born, we are already hardwired by our mother’s perception of the world she inhabits. This is usually reinforced heavily, in the first 7 years of life. The capacity to know fact from opinion isn’t developed yet. So all reinforced messages, negative or positive, go deep. And these beliefs about ourselves and the world are what we become. It's one thing knowing why something happens, it’s another, being able to access the subconscious programming that makes it so. 'The Honeymoon Effect' goes into various re programming options and why they work. A very succinct explanation of the various brain wave states that we grow through is a good platform for understanding why hypnosis works so well.

For someone who finds a scientific read somewhat challenging, I found 'The Honeymoon Effect' an easier read than 'The Biology of Belief, and both have been read in parts several times.

It’s awesome what we are learning about how we become what we become. Even more inspiring is what we as Birthlight teachers can do to help undo negative programming and replace it with concepts of health, nurturing and holistic wellbeing. Babies growing and birthed nurtured into happier and healthier families….more loving relationships all around. More love = healthier and optimal expression of genes = programming to be the best version of ourselves physically, emotionally and intellectually, based on modelling what we grew up around.

And what if we were able to access our subconscious programming before conception, or during pregnancy… could this positively affect the next generation in all ways?

We know we can through our Birthlight practices, and through combining these with the insight behind Bruce Lipton’s work. This makes for a familiar recipe for the greater enjoyment of pregnancy, birth and babies, Birthlight style.

Rosanna Kalliabetsos, Birthlight Tutor Perinatal Yoga, Birthlight Yoga for Maternity and Baby Yoga