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Toddler yoga with Birthlight - Rachel Jones

Greetings Fellow Teachers!

My name is Rachel. I am a mother of two, Amora, 11 and Tommy, 9.  We have just returned from a fantastic trip to magical and rugged north Cornwall.  I have been teaching Yoga for 15 yrs and Baby Yoga for 10 yrs.

I began my journey with Birthlight when Amora was born.  I attended classes with a teacher who had trained with Francoise and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli when Birthlight first formed.  I was so taken with the nature of the classes in their nurturing aspect that I felt drawn to teach Baby Yoga myself.

After having taught for a couple of years, Birthlight introduced the Toddler SMART course and I eagerly signed up, as there was nothing like this being taught in the Cardiff area.

During the summer months it is often a challenge for mums who attend the Mum and Baby class to grapple with what to do with their older, school aged children.   

Having completed the Toddler SMART course, this gave me the confidence to embrace and make space for the older children (with great understanding from the mums who do not have an extra child attending!) to come along to the class and experience some Yoga for themselves.

Mums often worry about bringing an older child to the class; they feel that the child may be disruptive; how will they split their attention between the child and the baby? They are aware that the session won’t be quite as relaxing as it usually is.  I take great pleasure in reassuring them that all will be just fine.  Ok, the session won’t be as it normally is but we can open up to the joy of having the older child present and view this as invaluable family time.

With the older child encouraged to be involved, it is really enjoyable to see what joy is to be had.  With the Toddler training to bring on board, there is some time within the class to bring in a little Yoga for them which is a delight to share.  Seeing these older children enjoying poses such as Dog, Tree and Bow is really rewarding.

What I have found is most often enjoyed is relaxation.  During these summer holiday sessions, I put on a children’s story cd which are of such good quality that adults can appreciate them as much as the children.  I have the most precious images in my mind of mothers relaxing with their babies and their older children; relaxing as a unit; relaxing into their journey of motherhood and the joys which that brings during times of stillness together.  The mother/child unit is strengthened and all have drawn from the session a sense of togetherness and a sense of being valued throughout.

My training with Birthlight has enabled me to open my Yoga teaching arms to all that mums bring to the session and I thank Francoise, Sally and Melanie Hamilton-Davies for sharing their knowledge with me so that I can nurture my local community in this way.   

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Rachel Jones