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Veronika Karacova - sharing my birth story

Sharing the birth story of Veronika Karacova a teacher who completed the Birthlight Perinatal Yoga Part 1 & 2 courses in Athens. She was pregnant on the Part 2 and got in touch with tutor Rosanna Kalliabetsos to share the magical story of her baby's birth!

Our baby daughter Malvina was born this Saturday, December 6 at noon, to be precise at 12.36! I am from Slovakia and she was born in Bratislava (the capital of Slovakia).  She arrived almost 3 weeks earlier, super healthy with lot of hair! She is 3kilos and 50cm.The birth was very easy, until the very last moment I actually was not sure if it is really happening :) I noticed mild contractions around 1am but I thought it is just a false alarm. I could not sleep though, so I woke up my husband and we were just trying to see the distance between the contractions while we cuddled in bed, packed our stuff for the clinic or just talked. Around 6.30 in the morning we decided to contact our doctor and leave for the clinic. Even though the contractions were about 5-6 minutes apart, I was still unsure if I am really in labor, I did not find the contractions very intense. Once we met our doctor, I was already 6 cm dilated, we were accommodate with my husband in a home-like room and we were waiting for the birth, talking, jumping on a fit-ball or just hugging. The doctor came to see me only when I requested. During this waiting time I used from yoga 2 things- during contractions I was exhaling through the mouth saying "a" or "ha" and it helped me to release all the heat from the body. During the contractions I was always leaning against the wall in something like down dog. I created a music playlist and the whole birth I was moving my hips to the rhythm, I was basically going on auto-pilot. These were songs I noticed I liked during my pregnancy and I see our daughter likes them now! My doctor and also birth assistant were the same ladies as with my first birth, my husband was super co-operative (so much massage I got!!!!) and the little one was born into a very relaxed atmosphere. As the final position I chose to be half- seated on a bed with my back supported, tailbone in the air, one leg bent and another one just loose. I had no injuries or stitches and started to breastfeed from the first minute as they gave her to me right away for 2 hours :) The only "not natural" things were that at 9.5 cm i requested them to break the waters and at 9cm they gave me small portion of EPI so I could get some energy for the very final push :)