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Water courses and the birthlight tutors

One of the unique aspects of Birthlight is that we offer practices both on dry land and in the water. The classes are very different yet they share the gentle nurturing qualities of the Birthlight approach. When my youngest son was about three, I remember him smiling in the pool and saying “baby yoga underwater!”  

Our baby swimming and aqua yoga training courses are open to all of you who love the water; you do not need to be from a swimming background.

Baby swimming is very popular and classes are filled with happy parents and babies enjoying this fun yet gentle approach. There is also a toddler swimming course and swimming for babies with special needs.

Aqua yoga helps women to enjoy their pregnancy and is a very relaxing yet effective way to prepare for birth. Techniques also help to re-align and tone in the postnatal period.  There is also a new aqua yoga therapy course.

I would like to introduce the water tutors so you know a little about us and feel you will be welcomed on any of the courses.



Françoise Freedman

Françoise is the original creator of the birthlight practices, yet she has encouraged us all to find our own styles of teaching and to contribute to the programmes and content.

Françoise's inspiration for the Birthlight practices came from watching parents with their babies in the water during her time in the Amazon. Françoise won the  Virginia Hunt Award in 2009  (World Aquatic Baby Children Association) for her contribution to baby swimming.

"It is a really huge privilege to be taught by Francoise. She is like a waterfall (niagra) of knowledge, love and wisdom. Truly inspiring. Thank you for inspiring the start of my Aqua Yoga journey."

My baby swimming journey
Aqua yoga: aquatic connection

Shawn Tomlinson

Shawn has always loved the water and has spent many happy hours in the pool both professionally and with her six children. Shawn has contributed greatly to the birthlight programme and her very nurturing style helps students to acquire a depth of knowledge in a quiet and relaxed way.

"The more I swim with babies, toddlers and children, the more I love swimming with them. There is no greater joy, than to see parents and carers connect in love and mirror this connection to each other. Love is like ripples in the water, it magnifies, when we trust and love Birthlight baby swimming teaches us to stop, be mindful of the moment, and love."


Baby swimming with Shawn



Amanda Gawthrope

Amanda comes from a competitive swimming background and met Francoise whilst teaching children’s swimming classes. She began to work with babies and younger children and has developed a passion for the birthlight approach She has tutored for many years and has helped to set up birthlight communities especially in Russia and China.


Sally Lomas

For myself, offering water courses has enhanced my birthlight teaching experience. I find the courses so pleasurable and rewarding. Aqua yoga helped me during my pregnancies and swimming with my children enhanced our relationships in so many ways. I love how the birthlight approach is so much more than technique and really supports bonding and communication.

“The course was amazing. I have felt so refreshed as we came to the end of the course. Thank you Sally it has been a life changing experience!”
“This has transformed how I will teach, to make sure I teach from the heart.”

Come join us..