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Welcome to the new website!

The new birthlight website offers a greatly improved teacher profile and class listings. If you are a birthlight Member you can now have your own referenced page within the birthlight website which will make it much easier for your own marketing, a real bonus.

To ensure that you are promoted correctly and those looking for teachers and classes on the birthlight website find current contact and class information we'd like to ask you to please take the opportunity to review the information displayed on your teacher profile and any classes you have listed.  It's also nice to add a photo so that people can put a face to the name. 

The 'find a teacher' and 'find a class' facilities are widely used on the existing website and with real improvements on the new website we'd encourage you to make use of these features to let parents and prospective parents know of your availability and classes. Help us to help you make birthlight classes more widely available and share the spirals of joy.

There is now just one 'find a class' where you can search for classes in both the 'United Kingdom' and other countries. Search results are shown on a map, clicking on the map pointer or the class to the right shows up the class position and details. The teachers profile can then be accessed directly.



Teacher profile 

An example of a teacher profile showing classes  is tutor Sally Lomas' profile  

There are a few things to be aware of:

  • 'Infant Aquatics' is now termed 'Aqua Baby'
  • 'Yogacise' or 'Birthling Lightly' is now termed 'Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Professionals'. Birthing Lightly is now the name just of the study day in that area
  • Level 1 certfication is the new term for the previous Foundation Level for Aqua Yoga, Baby Yoga, Aqua Baby and Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Professionals
  • Level 2 certification is the new term for the previous Diploma Level for all yoga areas
  • New certification icons to display your level of qualifications (these icons are available in the Members area for download and use on your own websites and literature)
  • Classes now have a map display

Further information on the new Training Course Structure and Qualifications


How to review your teacher profile and classes

We have taken over all current Members teachers records from the existing website.

At the top within the menu bar you will see the option 'members', just click this to go to the log-in screen.  Please use the same username and password that you use to log-in to the Members area of the existing website.

If you have forgotten your password then you can be sent a reminder, just use the 'forgotten password' link.

If you get the message that your email address could not be found, then you are either using a different email address or a teacher record for you doesn't exist on the new system. This is possible if your birthlight Membership is not current. 

If you have a query as to whether your record, please contact us for assistance.

If you would like to check the status or renew your birthlight Membership please contact us. It is now possible to pay for Membership online. When you renew we will create a Members record for you, you will then be able to update it with further information and add classes if applicable.

Once logged-in you will see the birthlght Members area. To the right hand side of the screen you will see some boxes displayed. These give you the options to view your teacher profile and classes, to edit your membership details and to edit your classes. 

The box beneath displays your 'Current Privacy Option'. This one is 'PUBLIC' which means that your teacher profile and any classes would be visible within 'find a class' and 'find a teacher' searches (subject to the necessary qualifications).

If you don't want your teacher profile to appear in the public searches then you can either select it to be 'Private Only' (your teacher profile would only be viewble by Birthlight administration) or 'Members Only' (your teacher profile would only be available for Members). 

Previously if you had only the Foundation qualification (now Level 1) in Aqua Yoga, Baby Yoga, Baby Swimming and Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Professionals then you would not have appeared in 'find a teacher'. Now if your privacy option is  'Public' then your record will appear in the search unless you change the setting.


Updating your teacher profile

The information within the teacher record is very similar to that held previously. 

Qualifications are now maintained for you by birthlight, so as you complete a qualification we will update it. If when reviewing your record you think your qualifications shown are not up-to-date please contact us. Please state what qualification should be showing, it would also be helpful to know when you completed the course.

Please add a photo to your record, as it is nice to add a face to a name and it makes you appear more approachable. The photo size displayed is 180 pixels wide by 220 pixels high.  Please do not upload photos direct from you digital camera as that would take ages to upload. If you don't already have photo processing software then you can use a browser based one such as

If you have a problem resizing a photo then please contact us and we can arrange to resize and upload the photo for you.


Updating your classes

As before the really important thing when listing classes is to ensure that you have an accurate address and postcode (if relevant to country). If full address information is given then the class will be geocoded automatically and available straight away from 'find a class', this is a big improvement on the old system.

You can add a class if you have at least a Level 2 or Part 2 (Diploma) qualification in that area.


We recommend that you don't make changes to the existing website from now as these will not be transferred to this new website.

We really hope you like the new look of the website and the improvements made. Any further queries, problems or feedback please contact us.