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Womb to World - Moscow - June 2019

Birthlight: Yoga to Nurture New Life

Saturday 8 - Sunday 9 June, 2019
Moscow, Russia

Like previous Womb to World conferences this event gathers eminent researchers in their fields, scientists and practitioners who are passionate about their work. The focus on yoga to nurture new life makes it an inspiring for all Birthlight members and all interested professionals outside Birthlight.

There is a full conference programme across the two days, including both presentations and workshops.

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Conference Speakers

Alexander Gavrilenko
Founder & Director, Centre for Traditional Midwifery, Russia
             ‘Pregnancy and birth care in Integrative Medicine’
Emily Hills
Clinical Specialist Neonatal Occupational Therapist, Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust
  ‘Interactive communication between parents and premature babies in NICU settings’

Françoise Freedman
Founder & Director of Birthlight

  ‘Birthlight’s Vision. Nurturing the Primal Continuum with Yoga in today’s world’
Heather Mason
Yoga Therapist, Founder of the Minded Institute, London
  ‘The rise of Yoga Therapy Research linked to Neuroscience: 2009-2019’
Kirsten Uvnäs Moberg
Professor and researcher, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  'Oxytocin, the hormone of maternity and close relationship‘
Kirsteen Ruffell
Birthlight Director of Training & Tutor, Cranial Osteopath
  ‘Postnatal Yoga for birth recovery and long-term women’s health foundations.’
Daria Utkina
Daria Utkina is a doula, clinical psychologist and student of MS program in sociology at HSE
  ‘Prevention and risk factor of birth trauma’
Olga Verba
Doctor, teacher of perinatal and female yoga. Mamina Yoga, Russia
  ‘Perinatal development in Russia’

Tamara Sadovaya
Head of Centre for Traditional Midwives

  ‘How can prenatal yoga support midwives in promoting physiological birth in Russia?’


Workshop Presenters

Svetlana Bezrokova, Natalia Butolina, Stanislav Kuznetsov, Maria Markovskaya, Irina Mukhina, Tatiana Popova, Julia Postnova, Belinda Staplehurst, Oxana Tsyshkova and Galina Zosimenko.


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