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Wonderful birthlight baby swimming

Birthlight swimming encourages relaxing and rhythmic movements for parent and baby in the water. Supported gently, babies find their own water balance and begin to naturally roll, kick and take little dips under the water. This easeful and nurturing approach creates a positive foundation for a successful transition to independent swimming. Here two mother's talk about their children's enjoyment of birthlight classes and how they have achieved swimming skills and happy water confidence.


My daughter, who is now six, loves the water- pool or sea. Watching her now, from the balcony, having her swimming lessons in the racing pool I observe that all her strokes come easily because somehow her body knows how to position itself ideally in the water. I trace this back to having had such a good start with her swimming the Birthlight way. From 6 weeks to 4years she was very fortunate to learn all the foundations for swimming with her wonderful teacher Peter (Birthlight Nanuk Swimming School London).

I am convinced that this is why it all seems to come naturally now. All the relaxed fun time in the pool with me or Dad or both and the progressive skills we all learned have really paid off. We can see a huge difference between how our daughter 'balances' in the water and the other kids her age and much older hold themselves in the water. It is such a pleasure to see her confidence and joy in the water. Last year front crawl happened spontaneously, as if it literally grew out of her skills, and in the Autumn she enjoyed diving under waves with a waterproof camera! I would recommend the Birthlight baby swimming to anyone, all the Mums would comment how it was their favourite class of the week. So thank you Peter and Françoise!

Kirsteen Ruffell
Birthlight Perinatal Yoga and Baby Yoga tutor.

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"I have taken my now 17 month old toddler swimming since she was five weeks old.  She has been swimming regularly, up to three times a week, and I believe I can say with utmost confidence that the regular time in the water has contributed greatly to my daughter’s body strength as well as hand-eye coordination, balance and also to her early first steps on dry land.  Her growing confidence and self awareness is evident when she is in the water, in particular her ability to swim under the water and retrieve items.  
As both a Birthlight infant aquatics instructor (my swimming school is Norfolk Ducklings) and a new mum, I have had the joy of being an integral part of my little girl’s increasing abilities in the water which has culminated recently in watching her “widen the gap” in the pool - this has been met with both trepidation and excitement.  
Although a teacher in baby aquatics we have also been attending baby swimming classes given by another Birthlight teacher - Julia de Lucchi (Smart Swim School) - and I feel this has also been important in developing my young daughter’s swimming experience.
I have watched my little girl develop from a tiny baby who could not hold her head up and was very slippery in the water to a toddler who is not phased by going under the water and I wonder whether by the age of two she will be well on her way to being a competent swimmer!
Thank you Birthlight for all of your wonderful training.  I have learnt so much from tutors such as Amanda Gawthrope and Francoise Freedman.  I cannot recommend highly enough the birthlight infant aquatics classes to mums and their babies.



Michelle Busuttil
Birthlight teacher in infant aquatics, aqua natal yoga, baby and toddler yoga and yoga for fertility.

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