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Baby swimming classes

From the moment babies are introduced to the water birthlight gives importance to their multi-sensory experience linked with emotions reinforcing pleasurable sensations and positive emotions. We have developed special practices to do this:

  • Active floating (babies under 6 months)
  • Birtlight ‘relaxed holds’  (babies and toddlers). These various holds give babies a sense of security and freedom until they are ready to take off away from the parents' arms. Our motto is ‘do not hold them, let them hold you’
  • Innovative use of buoyancy supports rather than swimming aids
  • Swimming with babies (Front rides and back rides)



We encourage the integration of movement, rhythm, eye contact, speech and song while babies are held in water. Parents are immersed as much as possible on eye level with their babies rather than standing over them in the water. The hallmark of the birthlight approach is 'swimming with babies' rather than teaching babies to swim. Even parents who are not very confident swimmers can enjoy this with the use of water noodles. There is a great difference between walking in the pool and swimming with babies in the pool. Encouraging parents to swim and float with their babies is one the birthlight foundations of early swimming.

The transition from reflex kicks to voluntary effective kicking, as well as the development of 'pulling' with the arms for independent swimming, canhappen at any time from the end of the first year. Babies and toddler’s progress can slow down even after a promising early start. Birthlight gives special attention to facilitate this transition in each child’s own time, taking care to reinforce emotional security and playful interaction between parents and infants. Each baby's achievement, whether small or great, is celebrated in relation to his or her individual development process in a non-competitive atmosphere.

For birthlight submersion is no big deal. It's part of being in the water and some babies enjoy it more than others. Although submersion is taught separately to give parents greater confidence, the main experience is gained while swimming with babies, as it is inevitable that they fall off their parents' bodies now and again. Learning to pick up the babies and bring them up gently without panicking increases parents’ security and gives babies initiative and control. The balance between achievement and loving acceptance results in effortless swimming. Water is an ideal medium to develop emotional intelligence, which is increasingly regarded as the key for success in the next generations.

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