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Birthlight conferences

Active bonding through sound before, during and after birth

While there is a superabundance of research on touch, sound warrants a special focus in the active development of bonding with babies before, during and after birth. If fetuses as young as 17 weeks can respond to their mothers’ voices, promoting communication through sound is crucial in supporting the ‘primal continuum’ from early pregnancy to the third year for health, harmonious development and lighter parenting in families and communities. The experience of hearing and responding to familiar voices is a crucial component of early integration of all senses (synaesthesia) for babies before and after birth. Recent research shows how calming lullabies, listened to or created by pregnant women and new mothers affected by anxiety and emotional turbulence can become an important resource.

This Womb to World conference was a celebration of the pioneering work of Marie-Claire Busnel, whose research showed fetuses’ responses to their mothers before it was scientifically acceptable to even suggest it. Marie-Claire is now in her 93rd year.

Sound matters in all Birthlight’s areas of teaching, prenatal and postnatal, land-based and aquatic. The aims of our Womb to World conferences are to access the research evidence that underpins our practices, to get new ideas and inspiration about reaching parents and maternity health professionals in our communities, make new connections and last but not least enjoy a day of shared learning and experiencing.

Like previous Womb to World conferences this event gathered eminent researchers in their fields, scientists, practitioners and artists who are passionate about their work. The focus on sound made it an unmissable day for all Birthlight members and all interested professionals outside Birthlight.

Conference Review

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