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Birthlight in France

Stéphanie Launay is the co-ordinator of birthlight training in France. She is committed to the practice and teaching of Yoga for health 
and for promoting a balanced life-style at home and at work. With the integrity and lightness that she radiates to all who meet her, she has 
created an unusual Yoga Centre in Rennes, France, to implement her vision.  
After a classic yoga formation and then training with Birthlight in Perinatal 
Yoga, Fertility Yoga, Baby Yoga and now in WellWoman Yoga, and with Rainbow Kids 
Yoga for Children and Family,  Stéphanie offers a wide range of classes for 
families as well as adult yoga classes and classes for stress 
management.  Her motto, drawn from an Indian proverb, translates as 'treat your 
body well so that your soul feels enjoys dwelling there'. 

There are a number of Birthlight teachers in France but circumstances were never 
quite right for organising courses there.  La Maison des Anges with its joyous 
and lively atmosphere, its ecological architecture and design, its warm 
welcoming that receives touching evaluations from pregnant women and new mothers 
feeling nurtured and 'cocooned', is an ideal home for Birthlight in France.  Stéphanie's superb organizational capability makes it 
possible to organise Birthlight courses not only for a francophone audience but 
also for international groups, particularly for Aqua Yoga.  We share a passion 
for 'thassalotherapie', (therapeutic uses of sea water and oligo-elements in sea 
water) that is uniquely developed in France.  The first Aqua Yoga course in 
France (international) will be held in one of the beautiful French centres near 
the sea and this fulfills my dream of bringing not just yoga and water but yoga, 
sea and therapy together, at a time when a small group of Aqua Yoga teachers are 
pioneering special Aqua Yoga Therapy focus in Birthlight. 

With La Maison des Anges just a short plane hop across the Channel, we can look 
forward to many nurturing and stimulating Anglo-French Birthlight courses.