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Birthlight Japan

birthlight JapanKonnichiwa! – Welcome to Birthlight Japan.

バースライト マタニティヨーガ指導者養成コース

                  マタニティヨーガ ~妊娠と出産のためのヨーガ

バースライト ベビーヨーガ指導者養成コース


バースライト アクアヨーガ指導者養成コース


バースライト ベビースイミング指導者養成コース

                  ベビースイミング レベル1・2

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our International Birthlight Family – Birthlight Japan. Preparations are underway to introduce Birthlight training courses in the very near future. Birthlight already has a presence in Japan, thanks to our Birthlight Japan Training Coordinator, Rumi Kinoshita. As a Birthlight Japan Instructor, Rumi has been successfully delivering Birthlight Perinatal Yoga and Birthlight Baby Yoga to the families on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa.
Rumi ShantiIt was during Birthlight training in Australia that Francoise first met Rumi and was touched by her experience of supporting new mothers through the trauma of the terrible March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Links were forged and Rumi is now at the forefront of developing Birthlight Japan. Rumi and her family have recently made a big move from Okinawa to Fukui on the mainland in order to nurture Birthlight Japan in their new Yoga studio recently named, ‘LiveLight’. Rumi explains the concept behind the name as wanting to convey the wisdom of yoga, and receive the light of mercy, while simulataneously acknowledging the inspiration of Birthlight. 
Rumi has been working tirelessly on translating the Japanese edition of Francoise’s ‘Yoga for Mother and Baby’.  The publication of the book is imminent, thanks to Rumi and her colleague, Chiemi, translating and arranging for professional support to double check technical terminology, then proofreading the final version.
It is due to the positive efforts of our Japanese friends in translating the book and developing the new studio that the foundations have been laid for spirals of joy to bloom across Birthlight Japan. Our sincere appreciation and thanks go out to Rumi, her family and colleagues in supporting her through these developments, may this union continue to flourish and grow.
For more information on Birthlight Japan developments please contact Marion O'Connor or Rumi.  Rumi's LiveLight (ライブライト) website.

Rita Lee is a birthlight teacher and course organiser. With the approval of Rumi, she is organising some birthlight water teacher training courses in Japan.