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Birthlight yoga dance for pregnancy

Birthlight yoga dance for pregnancy uses inspiration from ethnic dances of the world. In this example we have drawn from the Sri Lankan classical and folk dances taught by teacher Vipuli.

We have put together a Birthlight yoga dance for pregnancy workbook which consists of a series of 7 short films which are very easy to navigate through in any order. We'd suggest that you start with the introduction below with Dr Amali Lokugamage, obstetrician, who found Birthlight yoga dance beneficial and empowering in her own pregnancy.  So much so that she wrote about its transformational potential in her book The Heart in the Womb. "Françoise’s use of yoga dance unlocked the almost primordial motor patterning in me, where I found that, although walking was very painful, I could somehow, quite elegantly, complete a number of the yoga dance moves." 

The films have been grouped together in a Birthlight Yoga Dance Youtube playlist.

Wendy Langshaw, physiotherapist at Bellies, backs & babies and Birthlight Trained in Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals, says about her experience of the making of the films "I absolutely loved the opportunity to come and learn the traditional yoga dances with Birthlight when I was 38 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I had just completed Level 1 of the Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals course which was amazing. Reviewing the footage four years on and two children later evokes very happy pregnancy memories.  All the dancing just looks very natural in the film-women beautifully in sync. I remember how easy it was to move into the flow with both Amali and Vipuli teaching the different moves. I think it is also great that we are all different - different shapes, ages and at different stages. It also shows how applicable these moves are beyond pregnancy too. They are so relevant to well women yoga and our whole life cycle.”

Feedback on the video series

Dr Sarah Buckley, Family Practictioner and author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering says that the Birthlight pregnancy yoga dance videos were "beautiful" !

 "Lovely ... can't stop watching !!" Rashna Chenoy, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

"I am totally overwhelmed by the beauty of your videos. So beautiful and graceful!"  Gowri Motha, the pregnancy and birth guru, obstetrician and author of gentle birth method

"I absolutely loved Birthlight dance videos and my students too! I did the elephant dance last class" Jimena Taxon, Birthlight and Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher

The first Birthlight Yoga Dance for Pregnancy workshop will be held on Saturday 5 July in Cambridge. It will be run by birthlight tutor Sally Lomas and her daughter Kayla Lomas-Kirton, a professional dancer and birthlight teacher. It costs £30 and runs from 10.00am -  12.30pm. More information and booking.


2. Birthlight Yoga Dance - Ethnic Forms & Pregnancy Yoga

3. Birthlight Yoga Dance - The Water Pot Dance

4. Birthlight Yoga Dance - The Harvest Dance

5. Birthlight Yoga Dance - The Peacock Dance

6. Birthlight Yoga Dance - The Elephant Dance

7. Birthlight Yoga Dance - The Low Country Dance Walk