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Conference poems

Poem read by Sally Lomas in the Birthlight presentation

I do not live for reading
Though reading is my delight
But sing me a song in the morning
And sing me a song at night.

I do not live for singing
Though music hath its charms
But give me a chance to dance
To dance in another’s arms.

I do not live for dancing
Though I could dance for hours
But show me a country garden
For I love to see the flowers.

I do not live for the country
Though I long for a country lane
But let me see the sunshine
Alight on my windowpane.

I do not live for sunshine
Though it’s a joy to see the sunrise
But turn your head a little
And let me look into your eyes.

Peter Lomas

To moraki tou glikou nerou,
ine omorfi i psixoula tou,
to gliko mou to moraki,
to kalo mou to pedaki

beba s agapo poli,
ise to gliko pedi,
beba s agapo poli
s exo mesa sti psixi

To proino to aeraki
tha mas feri to moraki,
to moraki tou glikou nerou,
einai omorfi i psixoula tou
The baby of the sweet water
has a beautiful soul,
my sweet baby,
my lovely child,
Baby i love you,
you are the sweat child,
Baby i love you so,
have you in my soul
The morning breeze,
will bring the baby,
the baby of the sweet water,
has a beautiful soul.

From [email protected]

One day as daddy and mummy
lay in bed
looking up
at the stars in the sky,
they said
‘We would like a little girl
to be in our family’

and that day you said,
as you sat
looking down
on the earth
‘I would like a mummy and a daddy
to be in my family’

And mummy said
will you
shine light into my dark corners,
show me how
I am loveable, loving and loved
give me
mornings and evenings and night times of joy
dance with me
lift me up?

And daddy said
will you
quieten the buzz of the voices
show me how
I am needed, and treasured by all
help me
uncover what I have hidden away
sing to me
light me up?

‘Yes’ you said
and in mummy’s womb
you knew
you were light
you were needed and treasured
you were song
you were joy
you were loving and loveable ?and that you were loved.

Before you were born
you danced in the womb
in the mornings, the evenings and nights
and so daddy sang
and mummy beamed
we knew who we were
and one day out you popped.

By Emma Kirk

One with Me

The meeting of heaven and earth
Is where our journey begins,
A new soul to be born, how beautiful,
A pure gift from spirit lies within.

You are earthbound from above,
A blessing from the sky,
The miracle of life inside me,
How humbled, how humbled, am I.

I feel you and your essence,
I know you feel me too,
We are at this moment one,
We are one; just me and you.

You bless me, you fill me,
You are rooted deep inside
You make me feel so high on life
I feel like I could fly.
will nurture and protect you,
Till the end of time,
I am oh ever so thankful,
That this precious being is mine.

I long to birth you, to hold you,
To look deep into your eyes,
To see the truth and love you bring,
From those far distant skies

I wish to hold you in my arms
And greet my bundle of joy
To touch those tiny hands and feet,
And oh, how I wonder…
Are you a girl or a boy?

By Charlie

Before you were born

I had no choice
But to feed you when you needed
Hold you with me always
Sleeping or awake.
No one had to tell me
How to help you grow
How to keep you safe
How to show you love.
It came from my mother heart.
And that is what I listen to now.

By Sophie Christophy

Me, me me. What fun I had.
Bliss, innocence, fun.
Singing in the summer, snowboarding in the winter,
Every day as it comes.

Got to 30,  met a beautiful man,
Things shifted to think of you.
Still loved life as much as I had,
But wanted to join anew.

When the sun shone bright,
Unfolding a beautiful view,
I wanted you there, to share,
Each moment with you.

Tried for years, to invite you within,
Blood, sweat and tears.
Finally news of our love creed  reached you,
And we met you skin to skin.

Everything in the universe connected –
Stars and fireworks alight.
Thank you for choosing us my little One
We will honor your name and your life…

By Anna Watson

Joy and Challenge

Cosy and warm in my womb down below
Safe and secure to bloom and to grow
Two hearts connected but beating their own
Most precious gift surprised to be sewn

A bubble, a nudge, a kick and a hick
Bumpety bump, blooming, tickety tick
Relaxed and believing we can do it together
My baby is born, life changes for ever.

By Eliza Giles

Love at six weeks

Light step
Love tome
I hold you: Life
A flickering candle
Weight beating
A heart
Singing strong
My body smiles
In   bright cloth
I festoon us

Naked in the bath
I sing you welcome
play with   water
and light – knowing
you hear and feel
love vibrations

Our expansion
Is Wonder

By Maria Taylor

A poem of love

Nurturing myself, nurturing you
Awaiting the time to look right at you

We walk together
With your presence, I smile
I love this moment, cradling you all the while

Your presence is grounding
As we walk on this earth
You come with me here
And I come with me there
And you hear the voices of the world

Are you enjoying this music?
Are there things that fright?
Or maybe the emotion is more one of delight…

You are delightful as you hug my tummy
You press and you turn making us cosy
All the while we know each other more as each day passes.

You are part of me but very much yourself
Will you look like Daddy or be just like yourself?

You are enjoying this food
It’s even more delicious than it’s ever tasted before!
And what’s more you seem rosy, you seem soft, gentle and playful.
You are loved and so am I.

By Eve Barrett


The image of you came to me just as I was leaving the school gates
and nursery years behind.
So clear
You slipped between clouds and cerebral synapses
Left me breathless.
I got off my bicycle
Searched the sky and my mind as if I had just seen a ghost.

Later that night as the lights came on
I undressed
My inhibitions and premonitions, made bare.
He laughed and together
We moved through Time
Our bodies dancing to a rhythm
You were clapping out.

I had not known such certainty except through you.
I recognised your face in a dream
Heard your name in a conversation
Felt your sex in my bones.
I grew full
Of you.

The night you came
The moon rose full and clear over south London
Lighting your way.
The journey from the loo to the shower
Was one that crossed universes.

Now, as we share a bath together
You, chocolate-smeared pot-bellied goddess
Blowing raspberries at me.
I take you in.
I feel as if I have always known you
Even as a child when I
Blew raspberries too.

By Nadia


from the shadow of the baby who would not be born
from the sorrow of her passing sight unseen
still some shafts of light suggested you might come one day
and we should hope and friends said dare to dream
from those darkened moments part of me could not believe you would be born
from the past we couldn’t trust the tests’ assurance
yet we loved you and whatever should befall I had to know
this last attempt would still be proffering my all

we were helped by lovely people to envelop you in beams of light
and picture you securely held in storage
every time I had a pain I wept but whispered love
and between us we dug deeper into courage
as we passed the places babies past had prematurely passed
I began to feel your presence, gently stroking your enclosure,
forming reassurance back to me that you could stay and grow
forming faith that maybe you we’d come to know
and as the time to meet grew closer how much did we swell
with love; with life;
and when the day was right we brought you into waiting arms
and gazed at you – delighted

By Karen Losey