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Pregnancy yoga getting started

Birthlight Antenatal classes provide a relaxed energising preparation for birth

Birthlight antenatal classes incorporate a unique set of practices with original flowing sequences specially designed for pregnancy, birth and beyond.  Birthlight stays true to the essence of yoga working on body, mind and emotions with adaptations that are informed by thirty years experience of research and teaching. The classes are just as beneficial for experienced yoga practitioners as for mothers-to-be who have no yoga experience; our teaching of full breathing, micro-movements and relaxed stretching apply to every woman as her body changes through pregnancy.

Birthlight offers progressive sequences, for example for squats and even sitting on the floor. Ease and comfort is the foundation of yoga.

Birthlight classes are not just focused on birth, but also on the enjoyment of pregnancy all the way through to labour. We believe that pregnancy is a time for celebration and enjoyment week-by-week, month-by-month.

Yoga as we teach it, with carefully selected practices and adaptations, supports you through pregnancy and its changes. Simple yet accurate, safe practices enable you to reach the mind through the body and the body through the mind. The breath is the most powerful tool in yoga and breathing fully is the best gift you can make to your baby and to yourself in preparation for birth.

You don’t need to strain in any pose because birthligh teaches easy adaptations:

  • Birthlight original chair yoga™
  • birthlight wall poses
  • birthlight yoga walks
  • birthlight partner and circle practices
  • birthlight pelvic micro-movements™and pelvic floor optimal tone

Birthlight classes combine movement, breath, relaxation and awareness in a pleasant yet most effective way. Practices can be taken ‘off the mat’ with movements for the home, office and car translating into your life and expanding wellbeing and enjoyment as your baby grows.

Birthlight classes offer continuity with postpartum recovery and postnatal yoga that both match pregnancy yoga to close and re-own your body with renewed core strength. Many mothers come back to birthlight classes for all their pregnancies.

The benefits of birthlight classes

Birthlight practices help create intuitive body memory in muscles and connective tissues that your body will simply remember once you are in labour. For this we draw on experiential learning adapted with respect from other cultures and particularly from Amazonian forest people. Relaxation techniques include the effects of hypnosis without the need for an external script.

 Birthlight practices help to reduce anxiety and transform fear into core strength and self-confidence. Acceptance and self-confidence go hand in hand to avoid unrealistic expectations of easy and pain-free labour.  Together they create the best foundation to have a fulfilling birth experience and to enjoy the early days of parenting. 

Birthlight yoga incorporates the best of yoga therapy to alleviate common complaints of pregnancy including back pain and pelvic girdle pain. A unique approach is used to promote pelvic floor elasticity ‘birthlight pelvic floor tone™’ to prepare for birth and lay the foundation for postnatal recovery and long-term reproductive wellbeing.  Birthlight teachers are trained to impart an effective awareness of birthing muscles and the deepest layers of abdominal and back muscles with both physical and emotional benefits.

Why are birthlight classes special?

Birthlight classes are not a ‘set class’. They support each group of mothers-to-be with individual and group attention. Birthlight teachers are specifically trained to offer this quality of attention and personalised care.

Birthlight creates community. Classes are taught in circles that then become ‘circles of friendship’ often lasting many years. Birthlight’s objective is to mother the mothers as this is the best way to support them in their mothering. Workshops for birthing couples are not only effective for joint birth preparation but also aim to support new families in whichever form they develop.

Birthlight has a reputation for excellence recognised by both Yoga and Childbirth Education organisations, both nationally and internationally. It was the first course provider in Pregnancy Yoga recognised by FEDANT, the Yoga Therapy Council, The World Antenatal Education Network and BYCT (British Council for Yoga). Many training programmes have been inspired by our approach and we have acted as consultants to other training programmes in yoga for pregnancy in several countries.

We welcome all mothers-to-be irrespective of their birthing choices.  Birthlight teachers are non-judgemental and respectful in their support of all options.

Birthlight draws on an extensive network of mothers, midwives, obstetricians, psychologists and scientists to constantly enrich and update the training programmes. It’s international advisory network includes leading birth experts.

All of birthlight teachers in Pregnancy Yoga are certified yoga teachers or maternity care professionals who have a history of yoga practice in recognised yoga schools.  The birthlight training programme integrates theory and practice with a focus on case studies and personal class plans. They are true teachers and therapists rather than just instructors.  Our Continuous Professional Education scheme has guaranteed updates and best practice over two decades. Together as birthlight teachers we are more than the sum of our parts but each of us, like each mother to be we care for, is unique.

Birthlight is science based, incorporating the latest research on maternal emotions, hormonal balance and maternal/fetal bonding and after bonding but teaches from the heart and integrates scientific findings in easily accessible practices. It is inspired by other cultures and incorporates practices that complement yoga in an innovative way. This singles out Birthlight among all other forms of antenatal education.

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