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Teacher of the month - Aspiotis Angelos

Sometimes when you have to write a few words about yourself, thousand words, pictures and events pass before your eyes leaving you frozen unable to start. That is what I faced for 15 minutes in front of an empty screen, listening to my favorite rock ballads trying to get inspired but in vain. After all this wonderful “déjà vu” I stepped back and I realized that even though I have been in the fitness industry nearly 15 years, my thoughts focused on the period of and after I attended the Birthlight Baby Swimming Level 1 course. As I was working on this thought I totally understood the great impact this experience had on me, both in my work and personal life.

Being a father of three children I was always trying to find ways to meet the needs of my babies. As nobody is born a parent, I have struggled many times to understand, what was this thing I had to do, as far as the physiological, psychological and social aspects of their development is concerned, in order to provide my kids a good life. The Birthlight experience provided me with so much information so I can understand the world from my babies’ perspective and that helped me a lot to build stronger bonds, trust and understanding between us. Although, as a parent you do and learn many things by nature and experience respectively, it is nice to have someone to tell you that you are doing a great job. When this someone is Birthlight which all the principles, guidelines and findings are results of many years of constant academic researches and observations of a babies’ development since utero.

In addition, as a swimming instructor someone could say that I am not an ordinary teacher. Perhaps, that I am a big kid playing with smaller kids. I’ve always had this natural tendency as if I am the parent or the friend of all of my students. As such, through my childish behavior I am trying to develop a welcoming environment where the kids can feel safe and have fun. Since imitation is a person’s natural behavior in his/her attempt to learn from the first stages of life, therefore, I allow this primitive force so the kids can experience new things and learn at their own pace in their effort to imitate me diving, swimming, jumping and playing in the water, in a rewarding and encouraging environment. When I was introduced to Birthlight, first by my mentor Stalo and then by my trainer at the seminar Alison, a funny thought came to my mind that “I am not crazy after all” and I was very happy to realize that, what I was doing all these years had a deeper meaning. By the end of the Baby Swimming Level 1 course I was feeling more confident in managing better all this craziness during my lessons. Moreover, the course provided me with all the necessary tools which I now use during my sessions in my effort to pass all this knowledge and help other parents to live the Birthlight experience.

Finally, as I was stuck with this thought of my life before and after Birthlight, a few people keep passing through my mind that I would like to thank. First of all, my family that supported me and believed with me in Birthlight philosophy as well as my mentor who trusts me and believes in me. As for me, I promise through my work to pass the principles of Birthlight to my community so more people can be aware of what we are really trying to achieve.

Teach from the heart

Aspiotis Angelos

Birthlight Baby Swimming Teacher, Cyprus
Email: [email protected]