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Teacher of the month - Irina Mukhina

My journey with Birthlight started at 2011 with the first Well Woman yoga training in Moscow. At that time I was also studying Yoga-therapy, but I felt I miss something subtle but very important in that therapeutic approach. Birthlight filled those gaps with deeper understanding of women's nature, with gentle woman-oriented practices, micromovements and joy. That approach made the atmosphere at my yoga classes more lively and more loving. It shifted the focus from following the plan to personal needs of women.

My later development just followed the cycle of life. Women were getting pregnant, and I searched for the nearest Prenatal yoga course, which took places in Athens, Greece. I received requests from new moms to recover after birth and I participated in Postnatal yoga and Baby yoga courses.
 That was a difficult part of my journey as at that time I didn't have children and didn't feel myself what it is like to be postpartum. But the more I appreciated the comprehensive information from the courses, as they covered the most intimate problems. Even when women did not tell about it at first classes later they admitted the positive dynamics.

The next important stage of my Birthlight development was Yoga for maternity professionals with Wendy at Moscow in 2013, and the second part with Sally in 2014 when I was expecting my baby. After that course I started running birth preparation classes based on Birthlight approach, and I was surprised to get so many positive feedbacks from women how they managed to use Birthlight practices during their births and how much that was helpful even at the most ordinary hospitals.

In October 2014 I gave birth to my baby. My small labor circuit and Golden thread breath led me through contractions to birth the baby, and all those practices so naturally fit in labor giving strength to overcome difficulties. That was my turning point. My heart was calling me to start another journey as a supporting person for women in labor. I entered a school of Traditional Midwifery led by Molly Caliger and in the beginning of May 2019 I had my graduation exam, which I successfully passed. For the last year and a half I have been practicing as a doula, and all the knowledge and expertise I gained at Birthlight I am using as my working tools to assist women  in real birth situations. I continue to hold Birthlight birth-preparation classes and prenatal yoga classes.

With great respect and love I honor all my Birthlight teachers! Thank you for bringing light and love into our lives!

With the help of Anna Kokotkina we made a short video of Happy Womb practice. Simple and gentle way to release tension from psoas muscle and create feeling of comfy soft nest in the womb, which is great for fertility. And my experience showed that women of all ages enjoy this practice. It helps draw attention and energy to the womb, center of life force, to release tension accumulated in the abdominal area, and to free the mind from grief and anxiety with very natural rocking movements.

Please give your wombs moments of relaxed joy and care with Happy Womb practice.


Irina Mukhina