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Teacher of the month - Stéphanie Launay

My Birthlight journey started in 2011 in the beautiful Italian region of Tuscany where I attended the summer course of perinatal, postnatal and well woman yoga taught by Françoise and Sally. Little did I know at that time the wonderful path that was waiting for me and that was to connect me deeply with the Beauty of Women and their Inner Feminine Wisdom!

Already a Hatha yoga and Art of Living teacher, I wanted to open my own yoga studio in my hometown Rennes in Brittany, France and I needed specialization in pre and postnatal yoga as well as yoga for children. I had always been amazed and inspired by the diversity, richness and potentiality of Human Beings and having travelled in many parts of the world to meet and discover other people and traditions, I felt it was time to settle down, give back what I had learnt and share this wonderful Wisdom that is Yoga in a sheltered environment where people of all ages and conditions could feel at peace, rejuvenate and unwrap their inner powers and gifts.

Soon after starting the first pregnancy classes I felt a strong connection with all these women I got to know during this precious time of their life and completely fell in love with them! I discovered I had a natural ability in supporting them and connecting them with their inner power, so that they could raise their own awareness, self-confidence and knowledge, following their unique and personal path, and give birth in the most confident and unstressed way.

The word quickly spread out around town and more and more women started to contact me to attend classes. What a thrill! Not only could I continue to learn, grow and heal on the path of Yoga but I was also able to bring more and more women and their family along! This is a unique feeling of love, support, belonging and sharing that I find invaluable and I am so grateful to be part of it.

My personal and professional life is now definitely intertwined with Yoga and with Birthlight for sure. I carried my baby centre for 9 months before “opening and delivering” it, I was in complete symbiosis for 6 months afterwards and was at least two years before allowing somebody else to have classes or workshops here! Who says the umbilical cord is cut at birth? Who says that women’s superb creativity and fertility can express in a single and unique way only? I keep on walking MY own path, at MY own rhythm, in MY own way regardless of what others can say, think or tell me I should do. I am discovering and learning every day in this process and I keep on listening to my intuition to know what is good for me and my beloved ones so that I can remain grounded and balanced in all situations and challenges brought over by Life.

This Circle of Women is now continuously growing and the life of my Baby Centre also includes Stress Management Workshops, Baby Massage workshops, Energetic Work sessions for Women, Yin Yoga, Fertility Yoga, Women circles, Birth Workshops for Couples where partners fully understand what is really going on and it is really moving to receive testimonies afterwards about how they fully supported their partner during labour and thus became One, establishing the foundation of their unique family.

The need for more adults’ classes is now being felt - as many women having discovered yoga during their pregnancy want to continue with their practise - as well as baby and kids yoga classes and I am very busy at the moment preparing next year with a new team of teachers so that we can meet and stay up to date with the ever growing demand. I can’t even wait to go into Aquayoga also!

In June this year I will join the Tutors Team for training and I am already delighted to meet and be part of this growing family. I am also the coordinator of the Birthlight programmes in France. The first prenatal course taught by Françoise here will be held in Paris in October this year and I am very enthusiastic in starting a French-speaking community of Birthlight teachers so that we can reach even more people throughout the country and beyond. Do come along and be part of the team!

Yoga with Birthlight is a real “Spiral of Joy” as Françoise has so beautifully expressed it in her classes – in and off the mat as we slowly incarnate it in our daily life. It is about giving and receiving, loving and sharing. Thank you Françoise for planting the seeds, I am now fully busy perpetuating the chain!

Love and Light to all.

Stéphanie Launay

La Maison des Anges