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Teacher of the month - Zoe Gjini

As I approach my Birthlight journey two year anniversary it feels like the perfect time to share my story with you.

Having spent the best part of 11 years in a secure company position and given birth to my two beautiful children, I came to a crossroads in my life where change was needed.  This desire for change bubbled away inside of me some months when by chance the opportunity to attend a yoga and pilates retreat in Spain presented itself and I instinctively knew that I had to go! Having never left my little family for more than a day, the prospect of an extended trip away filled me trepidation but this was to turn out to be exactly the step outside of my comfort zone needed to push me forward. The retreat provided me with much needed space to connect with my thoughts and the daily yoga, pilates and meditation practice proved refreshing; you might even say life changing. I returned to the UK left my job and took some time out to enjoy being a full time mummy. Shortly after I went on to complete an 8 week mindfulness based cognitive therapy course and took up regular yoga and pilates practice. The effects of which seeped In to all aspects of my life in particular how I parented my two children. It was clear to me that this could benefit other mothers just like me and I set upon finding a way to support mothers through yoga. After much research I came across Birthlight and Baby Yoga which instinctively stood out as the perfect fit; helping to support mothers holistically through yoga right at the very early stages of their parenthood journey. BINGO! The pieces of the jigsaw were coming together. Needless to say some short weeks later I went on to complete my Baby Yoga Level 1 training with the lovely Marion some 500 miles away from home in Edinburgh; a city that I had never visited and one that I was to fall in love with as the birth place of a new chapter in my life. Here I met amazing like minded women who would become friends and mentors providing love and support to this very day; thank you ladies (you know who you are) I am hugely grateful to have you all in my life.

In 2016 I founded my business ZOGA UK ( offering Baby Yoga classes to families in my local area in Thanet, Kent. A decision which I have never looked back on and has brought much joy and happiness to my life and those that have attended my classes.

Fast forward two years and several training courses later and I am proud to say that I am now a fully qualified Level One and Two Baby Yoga teacher and a Toddler Yoga teacher, with classes available to families with babies from 0 to 4 years old. I feel blessed to share the joy of yoga and massage with so many families.

However I feel it is important to acknowledge that my journey has been made easier due to the wonderful support of the Birthlight trainers and fellow Birthlight teachers. Entering in to the world of self employment has not been without its trials and tribulations and can sometimes feel like a very lonely place to be. This is where the Birthlight facebook community has proven invaluable to me. At the touch of a button the Birthlight Baby Yoga facebook group provides a virtual office full of like minded colleagues all sat around a virtual meeting table ready to help each other out in what ever way is needed at that moment in time. Here everyone contributes in a positive and creative way, bringing their own unique teaching knowledge and a wide range of other skills to the table; supporting each other to deliver classes in the best way possible in line with the Birthlight ethos without loosing sight of the need to look after ourselves as teachers and human beings. Some days this can be a simple cheer along the way of “keep going! You’re doing great," other days it might be tips to tweak your lesson plans, through to advice on how to run your business more efficiently and professionally, all provided by fellow teachers from all around the world each at different stages in their journey who understand where you are coming from and where you are going. Here I am reminded that no matter where in the world we teach and how much competition we face, we are united by yoga and our desire to help others. This form of collaboration whereby individuals work together to a common purpose means the difference for some between continuing to teach and not, which in turn means that more families are touched and supported on their parenthood journey. Furthermore the Birthlight Facebook group is a relatively new resource with so much potential, which I look forward to watching grow and blossom.

Love and light Zoe X

Zoe Gjini
(facebook   email: [email protected] )