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Advanced baby swimming study day / cpd

Advanced Infant Aquatics

This study day incorporates advanced birthlight aquatic practices for teaching parent / baby pairs who require a sensitive approach and specific skills in order to facilitate enjoyment and progress in water. Very young babies with their parents, babies who cry repeatedly in classes, babies under parental pressure to perform and fearful babies and toddlers will particularly benefit from resources imparted in this study day. Collectively designed by experienced birthlight tutors, the day explores parent/baby interaction in water as a mind/body process in which observation of each parent/baby pair and response to their individual needs is given priority. Practices enhancing relaxed and happy interaction in a water environment can have positive implications for children’s confidence and emotional intelligence and also for promoting more harmonious relations in families and in the community. The day is experiential and imparts a range of techniques that are not commonly accessible to facilitate ‘water parenting’.

Who is this course for?

This course is open to Certified Birthlight Baby Swimming Teachers Part 2 or pre-2011 Infant Aquatics Diploma holders. Applications from other experienced baby swimming teachers (with at least two years teaching experience) will be considered individually.

Course outline

This course presents additional teaching resources developed by birthlight to further expand skills in various areas that require greater knowledge and adapted practice:

  • Swimming with new babies (0-4 months), particularly attending to father-baby pairs
  • Interaction with babies / toddlers who refuse swimming aids
  • Alternative submersion methods to suit individual needs
  • Transition to independent dives and swimming for babies from 10 months onwards
  • Techniques to assist babies and toddlers in surfacing to breathe
  • Further insights into infant development and parent-infant dynamics are offered to cater for the diversified needs of parent/infant pairs in the pool. Nonjudgmental mapping of emotional interactions between parents and babies is used to help parents interact positively with their babies in the water.

The study day includes 2 pool sessions, followed by detailed debriefing. Guest parents and babies are invited to join three of the sessions whenever possible.

On completion of this study day, candidates receive a Birthlight Certificate of Training in Advanced Baby Swimming. This study day contributes to CPD.

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