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Aqua nurture for newborns

Aqua Nurture is not just for babies but also for parents and babies to relax together. By relaxing together, parents and their babies are mutually nurtured. This joint pleasurable physio-psychological experience creates bio-chemical as well as social foundations for strong family bonds and wellbeing. In water, new parents can get to know their babies and discover how to relate with them in an enjoyable way.

Birthlight Aqua Nurture supports:

  • Sensory integration (synaesthesia) as a central factor for brain development
  • The maturation of the nervous system in the weeks after birth (integration of prenatal and early postnatal reflexes)
  • Holistic growth through affective communication with caring adults (parents or other adults)
  • Healing adverse experiences before, during and immediately after birth for babies and their parents
  • Babies’ familiarity with a gravity free environment and opportunities to use water-based learning to land-based motor development and vice-versa
  • A shared enjoyment of water with parents: life-long memories
  • Foundations of swimming and enjoyment of the water

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Number of days: 2 days

Brief course description

This short course aims to provide the knowledge and practical skills of Aqua Nurture, to support parents in enriching their experience of the bath as a space of communication and development with their newborns in the early months (birth to 4 months), from baby baths to tubs and warm pools.

By the end of the course, students will know how to help parents understand their newborns’ responses in water and optimise their various responses to enhance overall development. Students will be able to use the Birthlight practices to impart confidence and ease as foundations for Water Parenting and long-term enjoyment of movement in water.


The course is open to:

  • All qualified Birthlight baby swimming teachers, STA baby & pre-school teachers and certified holders of parent-baby swimming teaching qualifications
  • Applicants without swimming qualifications who have experience with babies: nursery nurses, midwives, health visitors, postnatal doulas and psychotherapists working with birth trauma.

The course is held in baths and shallow warm pools but applicants should be confident in water, even if they are tentative swimmers. A CPR qualification (Baby resuscitation) is highly recommended but not mandatory. Life Saving skills are  also recommended for those planning to work in pools without a lifeguard on poolside.

Course outline

What you will learn on this course:

  • How to guide parents with Birthlight practices of ‘relaxed holds’, ‘water pouring’ and ‘wrap and dry’ in baby baths and home tubs
  • Be able to explain to parents the states, cues and talents of their newborns as they are revealed in the bath
  • An understanding of the inter-relation between senses, movement, balance and healthy early development
  • A set of practical Aqua Nurture skills to facilitate infant development
  • The knowledge and skills enabling them to facilitate Aqua Nurture sessions for parents wishing to relax in water with their babies and use the calming properties of warm water to help their babies grow harmoniously
  • A clear perception of their professional boundaries as facilitators and will be able to refer parents to therapists or medical doctors specialized in pediatry if the parents and babies have needs beyond what can be done with Aqua Nurture practices.


Students will be sent some pre-course reading and thinking when they enrol.

Studying materials

  • A very comprehensive manual given at the start of the course
  • Resources available via the birthlight training resources website

Coursework requirements + hours of home study

There is a practical teaching assessment on day 2 and home study.

During the home study that follows the course, coursework consists of a worksheet including 10 questions and a case study of 4 individual sessions. It should be submitted within six months following the course in order to receive the full certificate.

On-going birthlight support

After the first part of the course, students will get support from their tutor and fellow students via online groups and will have access to a dedicated members training website (learning resources, business and marketing resources, film clips, latest research.)

On successful completion of the training, teachers will be able to list their classes on the birthlight website.


The Aqua Nurture for Newborns certification is awarded after assessment of coursework.

Course attendance requirement

Students must attend the courses in full in order to get the qualification. If a student misses more than 2 hours of the course, then the certification cannot be granted and arrangements will need to be discussed and agreed in order to complete.


Prices may vary depending on the country and venues. 

Further training pathways

Birthlight offers a range of trainings that can provide a continuity of care from Fertility to Toddler on land and in water, there are many other courses that may suit your professional development and business plan:

We strongly encourage continuous professional development and have a wide range of 1-day course (such as Mindful Submersion)

"Being immersed in another birthlight course reminded me the purity of baby swimming.  Water can give a baby great power, water can give a baby unlimited possibility.  I hope I can bring more babies to experience the wonderful birthlight water nurturing classes."   James

"I learned to respect baby, respect the track and progression of life.  The joint water enjoyment enhanced parent-child relationship.  Water gives baby an experience similar to that of an womb.  Appropriate water temperature enables baby to enjoy and play with water current.  Thousands of nerve receptors are stimulated and build better nerve connection network.  In aqua nurture classes, teachers are just assistants in baby’s journey to be at ease in the water environment, learning to trust buoyancy."  Lizzie

"I had a new understanding on the significance of water to newborn.  The water amplifies the sense of touching and hearing, and can lay the early foundation for happy, safe, and comfortable baby swimming activities with the parents later.  Every baby founds his or her own way to explore and understand this world.  We should teach parents to establish a water relationship with their babies as early as possible, so that water can be another parent for the baby."   Kevin Chang

"Birthlight Aqua Nurture course gave me an in-depth understand of what an infant needs emotionally and physically.  Taking the course opened another door for me in the market.  Even though the road ahead is still long and challenging, I have taken the first step.  My skills in baby swimming and massage have advanced.  I was particularly touched to see the happiness and contentment in the face of the parents of the demonstration families when they learned that they can establish a connection with their babies through water."    Wendy Wang


Be prepared for the course by:

  • Completing the Pre-reading and thinking
  • Planning the case studies by looking for a new mum and baby


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Photos credit: Florence Akouka-Journé