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Aquanatal yoga training

Aquanatal Yoga is a gentle yet most effective form of exercise for pregnant women and new mothers, allowing them to stretch without straining and overheating and to access deep relaxation easily. Water provides a soothing yet stimulating environment to prepare for birth and most particularly for waterbirth. Aquanatal offers pregnant women more than just fitness: water facilitates relaxation and helps cultivate positive emotions.

Who is the course for?

The course is open to applicants with an interest for yoga who are:

  • Swimming, aquacise, aquarobics and aquafitness teachers
  • Aqua therapists with a personal experience of yoga
  • Midwives
  • Yoga teachers who are confident swimmers
  • Health professionals using water skills including Watsu practitioners

Applicants should be able to swim 25 metres comfortably without the use of swimming aids, be confident in submerging themselves and comfortable in deep water. Students must participate in the pool for all water sessions. A CPR qualification is also highly recommended. Life Saving skills are required for those planning to work in pools without a lifeguard on poolside.

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Course outline

Aquanatal Yoga Level 1 (3 days)

Covers a full range of prenatal moves on the pool floor and in deeper water, with and without swimming aids, for all stages of pregnancy and more specifically for birth preparation. The translation of yoga poses and flow sequences to water is carefully explained.

Adaptations of swimming strokes are taught to maximise benefits of swimming during pregnancy.  Various techniques for Aqua-Breathing and Aqua-Relaxation are introduced.

The course includes demonstration of teaching methods and class plans for Aquanatal Yoga classes.  Coursework includes case studies, a worksheet and observations. Birthlight has arranged a one year trainee insurance to ensure cover for case-studies.

Aquanatal Yoga Level 2 (2 days)

The main focus on level 2 is on postnatal sequences for new mothers deepening the understanding and practice of aquanatal yoga to facilitate the transition to  motherhood and mother-baby bonding. Included are ideas on how to nurture new babies with their mothers in postnatal sessions.The course reviews and expands Level 1 materials with discussion of teaching experience. Preventive and therapeutic uses of Aqua Yoga for common ailments are also covered. Elements taught on the Level 1 course are combined in versatile flowing sequences focusing on progressive practices.

How is this course assessed?

Level 1

This course is tutor assessed with a practical and a theory assessment during the course. Coursework consists of one case study (minimum of 4 sessions), one class observation and one mentor feedback. It should be submitted within six months following the course.

The aim is to develop your teaching skills and gain confidence for the best delivery of your classes. Once the above is submitted and successfully marked, you will receive a Birthlight Certificate in Aqua Yoga Level 1 to teach to prenatal aqua yoga.

The next step is the Diploma in Aqua Yoga which will enhance your general teacher qualification and add more value to your personal journey. This is obtained after successful completion of Level 1 (including its associated coursework) and Level 2 with additional coursework (long question, worksheet and a Book / DVD review).

Level 2

This course is tutor assessed by means of a practical at the end of the course. There is optional additional coursework to gain an Aqua Yoga Diploma consisting of a long question, worksheet and a Book / DVD review. This can be completed before or after attending the Level 2 course.

What qualification is gained on this course?

The Birthlight  Aquanatal Yoga Level 1 Certificate is more comprehensive than the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA)  Aquanatal course  (NVQ 3) based on Birthlight exercises. Instructors who have gained the ASA Aquanatal qualification are welcome to take the Birthlight Aquanatal Yoga Level 2.


Level 1

On successful completion of their coursework, course participants receive the qualification of Certified Birthlight Aquanatal Yoga Teacher Level 1.

Level 2

On successful completion of the Level 2 practical assessment and coursework, Level 1 certified teachers obtain the qualification of Certified Birthlight Teacher in Aqua Yoga Level 2. Teachers can go deeper in their knowledge and get a Birthlight Aqua Yoga Diploma qualification by completing the additional coursework (long question, worksheet and a Book / DVD review).

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