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Baby swimming teacher training

Francoise Baby Swim

The inspiration for birthlight’s gentle yet dynamic approach to baby swimming comes from Amazonian forest people with whom Françoise Freedman lived as an anthropologist.  Birthlight baby swimming courses bring together principles of body balance in water, swimming teaching techniques, research on the teaching of water safety skills for babies and the positive effects of joyful parent-baby interaction on overall child development. Birthlight Water Parenting™ method ranging  from aquanatal yoga to toddler swimming as well as special baby and toddler swimming  is internationally acclaimed.

Birthlight courses have been developed with contributions from Birthlight Training Tutors past and present. We all share the passionate conviction that a life long love of water and enjoyment of swimming are best generated by a confident and loving handling of babies in water, by swimming with babies and by imparting gentle progressive methods towards unaided swimming, without ever resorting to forceful conditioning.

All practices taught are consistent with research developments in infant physiology and infant psychology and with technical advances in swimming. Our programme blends enjoyment, safety and systematic foundations for swimming in interactive practices for parent/infant pairs. The focus is on the parent as much as on the baby: Birthlight has pioneered the concept of ‘Water Parenting’.  

Birthlight techniques are at the forefront of international approaches to baby swimming. Françoise received the prestigious Virginia Hunt Award in 2009  (World Aquatic Baby Children Association). Birthlight underpins The STA (Swimming Teachers Association) and ISTA (International Teachers Swimming Association) Parent & Baby courses. Birthlight has gained international acclaim worldwide, taking the lead for introducing babies to water in Russia, Taiwan and Thailand, now gaining popularity in China.

Françoise’s book ‘Water Babies’ (Anness 1999) is now in its 6th edition, available in Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, French and Russian. Birthlight training materials are constantly updated.

There are several training courses within the Baby Swimming teacher training course area:  Baby swimming diploma, STA Level 3 Diploma in Aquatic Teaching – Baby and Pre-School, Toddler swimming and Special baby swimming

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