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Baby yoga level 3 (1 day)

Who is this course for?

Birthlight trained teachers at Baby Yoga Level 2 and Toddler Yoga teachers have priority for booking but we also welcome baby yoga teachers and therapists who have trained with reputable course providers in the UK or in other countries.

Course outline

The aim of this Level 3 is to deepen the knowledge of Baby Yoga teachers about the integrated use of all senses (synaesthesia) in parent-infant interaction from birth and to provide practical resources for teaching Baby Yoga the birthlight way.

Baby Yoga as pioneered by birthlight is not just the adaptation of yoga poses to babies! from the start we have integrated Positive Touch, Dry Massage, Sound and Singing, Walks and Dances as well as ‘Kitchen Yoga’, moves that new mums can do through their days at home or outside.   At Level 3 we integrate scientific research that supports and enriches our Baby Yoga practices.

By the end of this Level 3 day course (and associated readings) participants will:

  • have gained an understanding of recent research findings on Sensory Integration, Synaesthesia,  Entrainment and Containment
  • have an additional repertoire of new songs, rhythmical moves and steps promoting sensory integration, with particular relation to the vestibular system
  • be introduced to new birthlight sets of interactive yoga moves for parents and babies together with particular relation to therapeutic applications of ‘entrainment’ (mutual adjustment of breathing rhythms by parents and babies in movements, touch practices and relaxation)
  • 'Containment holds’, a specific birthlight development to help mothers with distressed babies who cry a lot and have difficulties to fall asleep, will also be presented on the day course.

This study day contributes to CPD for all Birthlight trained teachers and may count as CPD for other professionals attending the day. Participants receive a Certificate of Training.

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